My 90 day fiancée

Last weekend I indulged in some much-needed, very crap, mindless, reality tv (the best kind though, am I right?) – and I am happy to say that I discovered a terrible show called ‘90 day fiancé’. 

The program follows various *interesting* couples at different stages of their relationship – one is always American, the other is always from wherever-who-cares-else. Their challenge (apart from deciphering their own crippling insecurities) is to navigate the trials and tribulations of securing the elusive and incredibly sexy US green card – all whilst organising a wedding and deciding whether a wedding is actually a good idea after all. 

They are all batshit crazy about one another, would do anything for each other, move heaven and earth to be together. And yet… I mean to be fair, who in their RIGHT MIND would even want to marry a Spaniard who is willing to move across the Atlantic but insists on wearing the BLUE TUX and not the BLACK ONE his fiancée ordered him to?! (episode 5 series 6). 

As you can probably tell, I am very much enamored. Not least because I am smugly in mad love with my current partner – finally managing to secure one successful relationship in my life (at long last). And YES, sadly, I am talking about my creative partner here. 

There are quite a few parallels between the madness of ‘90 day fiancé’ and the insanity of my life at SCA – in all the best ways, of course. The deadlines, the ups and downs only a passion can bring, figuring out whether she loves me for my flourishing creativity or just because it’s her way of getting the metaphorical green-card into Adland, general doubt and insecurities, etc, etc.  

But I am conscious of how lucky I am – after all, relationships are never easy at the best of times – and mine is proving a lot more successful than the aforementioned Spaniard and his babe. With a gazillion tons of pressure, what feels like thousands of briefs, case study videos, two full-time jobs, a child (with or without Covid, any preferences?!), a few sleepless nights, a pandemic, and yeah you’d expect an explosion right? Or at least a few tears… but I am happy to say that I have definitely hit gold with this one. If it ain’t easy, it ain’t right – or so the adage goes. 

I am half-way through ‘90 day fiancé’ and if it’s anything to go by, the drama, and dare I say it- the fun – will continue. 

So, much like the idyllic Disney princess ending I was fed as a child, I dream and hope for our perfect happy ending. And you know what? I reckon we may just be good enough, or lucky enough to get that green card for a permanent stay in Adland. 

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