My all-in year, by @blazeni23

Blaz Verhnjak

By Blaz Verhnjak


My all-in year.

Since I was 15 years old (and huge fan pf LeBron James – those years he was wearing jersey number 23) I was spreading the news about it for I was sure that “year I will be 23 years old will be awesome”. As I was approaching this year I started asking myself, what will it be that will make this years so awesome? Will I get married or will I started my own company and made massive profit out of it? Will I finally make a bicycle trip with my friends towards North Cape or will I became well known music producer? None of them were close (maybe the one with bicycle trip). 

But it is not a coincidence that I will be turning 23 7 days after the first day at SCA. No. I don’t know how, I don’t know when but I sense and it is clear, that SCA is going to take the big one in my 23-awesome-year idea.

And this is why I am ALL IN! 

SCA, I am giving you my time, 

my passion, 

all of my money, 

my relationships, 

I sacrifice my hobbies, 

I give up on healthy food, expensive trendy clothes,

give you part of my health condition and 

in the end I am giving you all the creativity that you get out of me! 

Let this year be awesome. For real!

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