By Gémina Gil Flores



I thought a lot before writing this article. I imagine that its content must be a little personal, reflect an idea, ideology, a way of thinking or simply a state of mind, while being in relation to the areas that unite us : creativity, communication, advertising. But what will I have to say about all this while I join the SCA to deconstruct, rebuild and evolve my perception? I wish I could reread this article at the end of the semester without saying « my God but you said sh**! » 

Before thinking of leaving the school, I have to think about when I would go in. 6 days, that’s what separates me from you SCA. 5 years, here is the time it took me to get to you SCA. And my desire to be an artistic director has only strengthened over time. 

The most pensive of you will call this a dream. I call this a goal – because for me they are two different things. I dream of going on vacation in Bali, I dream of having an old Jaguar, I dream of going to the MoMA. My goal is to build my future by practicing one day the job of artistic director, which, why not, will give me the opportunity to realize my dreams !

The fact is that the goals must be solid and achievable (if your goal is to live on Mars, go your way).

Of course, having a goal is not enough : it is necessary to know how to reach it. 

Imagine going on a trip with destination : your success (accomplishing your goals, therefore). You will need to put in your suitcase some qualities that are not a secret for anyone: perseverance, determination, courage, work, work and… Work. 

Your suitcase is ready, but some questions remains: how are you going to travel ? Which route will you take? Will you take the train, the plane, the bus, a car, a boat, a bike ? Will it take you 1 day, 1 week, 2 months or 5 years? With or without stopover? 

You got it. The idea is that it is possible to take multiple paths to reach the same destination. Finally, the most complicated may not be how to achieve the goals but rather find them, define them and always keep them on mind. Trying to move forward without goals is like traveling without destination : it’s difficult to know which road to take if you don’t know where you’re going in the first place. 

I didn’t follow the classic path that would have been to enter a school of communication or design after the baccalaureate. I was in college, then in two different schools, in four different cities, in two different countries, but always with the same end goal. This atypical course didn’t stop me from being here today, on the contrary, it made me more open-minded and gave me the chance to meet people and gain experience. 

In short ;

Define your goals, make them concrete and achievable.

Be aware of the qualities you will need to reach them.

Choose the route that suits you the most. Change the path if necessary.

Never lose sight of your destination. 

Gémina Gil Flores. 

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