My First Week – By SCA intake 2019/20

By SCA intake 2019/20


My First Week


Gigi: I’d personally like to take a moment to blame Marc Lewis for my outlandish behaviour this week. He has swept me up in a flurry of creativity/ problem solving with a dose of improv. Therefore, it is entirely his fault that I entered the Cream awards under the name “Rosie Arnold”. I overheard a joke he had made the day before and it stuck. So, sorry Rosie and thanks Marc. I got tiddly on 3 glasses of Mother’s prosecco and stole 4 of their chocolate bar things. Had one the next morning for breakfast. Smashing week in my opinion. 10/10.

However, it does make me nervous for the rest of the year because I feel like I’m in a constant state of play at the moment which is lovely but there’s a reason SCA makes everyone cry.  


Tommy: I feel rather like I’ve taken my car in to have the windows tinted and the paint work touched up, and the mechanic has started by dismantling the engine. I’ve been so eager to get started, to start working, but to drag this simile slightly further, there’s no point having a great looking car which doesn’t go anywhere. Fears, assumptions and pretensions that I didn’t even know I had, have been pulled out and shoved in my face. We’ve talked a lot about brand statements needing to come from a place of honesty, so I suppose it only makes sense that the people doing that work need to be honest with themselves.


Alfie: So first week. Only had to answer if I feel any pressure three times so going well lol. It’s largely what I expected so far. However, I am impressed with the group of people Marc has poached out. Not to be a kiss arse but seems like a good bunch. When I was asked at Cream how I was doing at SCA I replied what’s happening right now is not an indication of what it is going to be like. Hopefully I won’t brick it when it comes to ‘squeaky bum time’ as Marc so fondly labels it, like I did when we had half an hour to hand our t-shirts in yesterday. Overall I would like to think there is some wisdom in the random things we have done so far.  Like with Mr Miyagi’s teachings, after hours of painting fences (mugs in our case) and waxing his car (Marc is yet to ask us), we will be masters of kung fu (advertising) if you’re not getting what i’m trying to say here)). 


Alice: This first week has been exactly what I was hoping it would be. Lots of learning through play, making new friends and taking risks. Before this week, I would never have gatecrashed ANYTHING (I can’t even use a pub loo if I’m not a customer) but somehow, I found myself at Cream without an invitation, completely out of my comfort zone and it felt great. 


Advice for next year: Save up for your first week! There was a lot of drinking and eating out. And don’t expect to sleep much! I felt so over stimulated by the exciting days I had that I could barely sleep at night. It’s exhausting, but it’s worth it!


Katie: I’ve really enjoyed it! I do feel quite tired physically and mentally. I ache a little from sitting on the floor for long periods and in unsupportive chairs in the pit – need to find a good chair, or maybe bring in an orthopaedic cushion?! God, I sound old. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Sam that he’s closer to standing vertically come Monday. 

We’ve taken on a lot of information this week – it’s interesting to feel the brain kicking into gear again after a period of doing something that feels easy and that you’re used to. 

For me, the best thing about this week has been getting to know everyone a little bit. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey as a group and further discovering everyone’s personalities. I’m sure it’s going to be an intense but exciting few months. 

I went in on Tuesday trying not to worry about what everyone thought of me, just wanting to be myself and take each day as it comes. Reflecting back on this week I know that I need to let go of insignificant worries, not put too much pressure on myself and relax. Anyone else feel like that? 

One final note to self: make sure you stay hydrated throughout the week so that when you go for drinks on Friday the wine doesn’t make you instantly tipsy.


Ellie: It’s not that I’m against distilling the essence of myself into a drawing, it’s just not something I’ve done before.


Elisa: I had pictured this week in my head beforehand and I have to admit it was even better than I thought. For the first time in a while I feel really challenged again. On this note, I am not talking about the activities we did this week, like painting mugs, t-shirts or collecting typefaces in museums. Although these were fun, the challenge I mentioned has its origins somewhere eThe feeling I got when I realised I am in the right place, with the right people. I want to do my best this year and I can’t imagine to be in a better place for my self-improvement right now. I am so eager to learn. It was amazing to meet everyone and I can’t wait to learn more about them and more from them.


Camila: The reason why I chose to pursue my studies in an artistic area was because I wanted to develop my creativity and open my mind as much as I can.
Starting something new is always scary and anxious. During my very first days at SCA, the more I spent time with my classmates and at school, the more I felt the level get higher and higher, and the pressure too. However, what I’ve realised, is that being at SCA is the best place to make mistakes. But also the best place to get back on my knees and try again!


Ivan: When I said that the first day of SCA felt like the first day of elementary school, I didn’t even know how true that was going to be for the next few days as well. First days are first days, but then the next day we were doing improv, poetry and talking about life philosophies! Monkeys and humans! We followed that up with a day walking around London, which for us involved petting a lot of animals and concluded with crashing a party! We finished the week off by doing arts and crafts in the studio. I’ve never felt more energized and ready for the year than I do now. It was great letting go of control, trying to express our creativity in a different way and also getting to know everyone a bit better. All these creative people all around me… It’s an amazing feeling. 


Aaron: What a week! It’s only been 4 days, but I’ve already had a poetry class, improv class, mindfulness class, t-shirt making, mug painting, visiting galleries, party-crashing and Marc imparting precious wisdom. I feel Marc meticulously plans every minute detail of the day, crescendoing into his master plan. I know when I look back at the year and all the stuff we have done, the plan will reveal itself like peacock exposing its feathers. I already know, after the first 4 days, I’ve made the best decision for my future ambitions.


Maeva: My first impression was « WOOOUAH, so different! »

So different from France, such a different mentality and a different method of expression.

This was the week of renewal.

With a bit of scary and a lot of enthusiasm, a bit of frustration and a lot of thirst to learn.

Above all, a lot of pleasure.

One of the first times that I can not wait for the end of the weekend…..I want to see more.

Leanne: I wasn’t sure what to expect; I’m glad I walked in with a blank canvas. It has the curriculum of one of those schools you read about in utopian books, but it’s literally held in a hole in the ground so, you tell me of utopia. I have classes on things like mindfulness and improv and our first, tangible task was to attempt skateboarding in-doors. These are things I’ve been doing anyway, in the spaces between what I was supposed to be doing but now I have 40+ new playmates and I’m not sure if I’m overjoyed or overwhelmed. 


Oliver: When I boarded the Eurostar for interview day, I almost left the train 3 minutes before departure. Thank God, I followed my guts and didn’t let anxiety get the best of me. After this first week, which did feel a little like pre-school, I can most definitely say that coming to the SCA was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a very, very, very long time. Everyone is amazingly friendly, talented, and inspiring. I already feel at home. I can’t wait to spend the next 10 months at a church in Brixton listening to a blue-haired man. Thank you Marc for giving me a chance, seriously…


Munraj: Mental. I’m less a ball of nervousness and more an oblong of excitement. 


Sam: Although I’ve spent the majority of this first week bent in twine with a bulging disc (individual SCAB re this coming soon), I have had the best time! I’d like to thank my fellow classmates for putting up with my whining/wincing and for being both physically and emotionally supportive! At SCA I’ve found something truly unique – a room full of of wildly different people, all of whom still share so much in common. It’s rare and it’s special. I think this class will make magic and I’m so looking forward to working with everyone.


Whilst I am yet to fully appreciate the glorious irony of having done my back in during a talk with ‘Ben the Buddhist,’ I’m sure I will. Eventually.  


Holly: Having been asked ‘How’s your first week been?!’ a total of 37 times (and counting) I have come to the conclusion that none of the 171,476 words that exist on the pages of the Oxford English Dictionary provide an accurate or true representation of what this first week has been like. So in a last ditch attempt to try and portray the madness of SCA I have been forced to put it in my own words: 

Taskeon – A task given for a reason, 

Anti-rule – when the rules are given, but may as well not have been, as they are not meant to be followed, 

Clust– a closeness found in others, through unusual situations that enforce trust and or openess. 

Puind – when your mind, views and perspectives are pushed and altered, 

Jame – joy found in the game. 


Eva: It’s been a better first week than the one I had two years ago. I was taken by surprise how easy it was to be a new woman in an old setting. I was really anxious at first to start SCA again, to not return in to my old habits. But Marc and my fellow students made it very easy for me to be myself. It’s a great group of supporting people, where I feel everyone is heard and listened to as well as having space to be your own. The energy is incredible and I believe it’s going to be a really good year. 


Elle: After my first week at SCA and learning more about the course, my thoughts and feelings about the year ahead can not be summed up more perfectly then these beautiful Miley Cyrus lyrics. Enjoy.


‘There’s always gonna be another mountain

I’m always gonna wanna make it move

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there

Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side

It’s the climb’


Pierre : My first week at SCA was fulfilling but there is so much. Thankfully I am writing a journal after class I gather all the good thoughts that we had. From the students and from Marc.


I have made a speech at a wedding yesterday. I was greeted after it. I did it quickly before the ceremony but I put all my heart in it. I have written a Haiku and it was amazing:


You are generous,

By your side you have the best, 

Love is forever.


I am really happy because I’ve learned to do Haiku on Friday and I can already use it to make a speech that rocks.


Bastien : What a first week in SCA, what a first week in London… To be honest, besides the stress before the first day of terms, which was quite intense, this first week was quite impressive and all is going pretty well so far. The excitement had quickly taken over and it’s now a pleasure to wake up in the morning knowing that the day will be full of surprises and new things to discover. Like poetry, improv, my strange relation with a monkey, a part of London, painting on mug and tshirt and finally to tidy up a place… Quite intense honestly… And even after a weekend of reflection, I still have to manage all the stuff in my head… Or maybe my head just struggled to manage me… Or… I just need to go to sleep… 



Everything’s new: 

  • New way of learning 
  • New way of taking notes 
  • New people  
  • New professional environment  
  • New work-life balance  

I’m still taking my time to adjust to all these changes. But I am sure these changes are for good, very certain.  


DJ: Week one has been a bit odd. It’s basically groundhog day except marcs been trapped in the same day as well and about 10 years longer. Oh and he changes a few things so just as I think I know what to expect I turn around and the studios reset, umm wth just happened?


Chloë: “What are you up to at the moment?” asked an old friend at the pub last night.


I took a moment to consider my answer. Do I mention the mug painting, T-shirt designing and haiku crafting? The mindfulness and improv comedy? The intro music? The llama stroking and party crashing? 


“Studying advertising.” I replied.


Christopher: Being put in a room of fellow likeminded creatives can be one of two things, either really refreshing or super over whelming, it has definingly been an overwhelming first week, meeting a lot of eccentric, flamboyant, open and honest souls has given me something to look forward to in the weeks ahead, but hopefully I’ll stop being so anxious and find a decent partner to creative some disturbing adverts with.


Alex: Nobel Peace Prize entry #1 of 307: Get that first week in the national curriculum. Emotional maturity, self-rigour and social development by the bucket load. Would the country be in the mess it is now? Probably. But everyone would have personalised mugs.


Sean: Just four days? Feels like we’ve known each other longer. Such a great week. I’ve never been in a school that works so hard to get you to a place where you can do your best work. I feel the way I think is changing which is exciting. I still have moments of am I really here? And for the first time in my life, I feel I’m in the right place doing the right thing. I always used to say to people I just want to work with ideas. So at Mother, ten minutes from where I grew up, hearing it’s all about the ideas, was particularly special. 


Carly: I almost feel as if I’ve wandered into a dream. Blue hair, crazy trousers, prosecco in the morning, and a dog called squirrel. Is this my life?


I was quite intimidated by the fab work everyone had done in their ‘This Is Me’ projects, but I have never met a friendlier group of people. We are all wildly different but share the same passion (and dare I say competitive spirit). I almost feel as if we’ve all been together for a matter of months already, rather than just 4 days.


This has been my favourite last-first-week of school by far.


Lawrence: For me it’s been really exciting each morning waking up and going into SCA. We have done something totally different and unexpected everyday. I never knew how much I would enjoy creating haikus from found type or producing a T-shirt based on a conversation with a classmate. 


Charles: My first week at SCA has been quite surprising. For only a couple of days and considering they were the very first of this experience, I found it to be more tiring than I had initially anticipated. Each day I felt more drained then I did during my previous nine to six, the difference being this time around though, I was still inspired by the end of it. This goes beyond class however. I feel more creative then I have for a while, most notably in my cooking.


David : What a first week. This was both an amazing and a very tiring week at SCA. I didn’t expect much when I came to London in the first place. I was afraid that it would be like bullshit or way too deep to me. But instead, I found fantastic people and an exciting way of teaching. In France, we are not used to those interactives learning. We are not used to having a classroom full of energetic and kind people.  And it’s really inspiring. The way you are, the way you think. Thank you, guys.


Scarlet: I honestly don’t think I could have enjoyed my first week at SCA anymore than I have. I was so nervous before arriving, whether I had made a good choice to study for an extra year, but reflecting at the end of this week I couldn’t have been more right. Although I am aware that the year will only get harder, I’ve never had more motivation to really get stuck in. After my first day I felt like I had been in Brixton for months, perhaps years considering the length of time Marc spoke for, but I got to know people so quickly. SCA, it’s a yes from me.


Rachael: I’m having a really interesting conversations with my friends and family this week about my activities at school. I suppose poetry and improv make sense, and two hours of mindfulness may seem progressive. Skateboarding, mug painting and group t-shirt designing on the other hand is very hard to explain, and make even less sense once given context. “I need to teach my dean skate tricks” and “I need to make a mug for the dean to break when I miss a deadline” only raises eyebrows and concerns.


Phillip: As I mentioned at the beginning of this week. I’m pleased this isn’t a scam. SCA find me funny, which is always pleasant to know. I had reservations about making friends since I’m american. A highlight of my week was making the T shirt for Eva and really getting to know some amazing truths about her. However my biggest shout out of the week goes to Gigi Rice. She firstly saved my ass by getting me into Cream under “Marc Lewis” and secondly, this evening at 21:53 she noticed I had not written a scab on this document. She therefore checked when I was last active on Facebook and since it was a while ago, she decided to write one for me in return for a large glass of wine at some point. Thanks Gigi. 



First week.

Oh what a treat.

Forty Elites,

Forty Top Neeks.


There were lows,

and there were peaks.

Met some bros,

And the toilets reeked.


Thanks Gigi for reminding me to do this. 



First week of SCA… 


I’ll let you know over the weekend as I haven’t even had my first day yet. The nerves are starting to settle in. Tomorrow is my second first day of school.

Let’s begin it with a spark.


I’m so excited to begin again. A new leaf is upon me.


As dad always says to me when he drops me off, ‘Go in with your right foot first.’

lse. It’s this energy in the room. The drive that everyone of us brings with them. It’s contagious. 


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