My Happiest Self

For some people, finding the true moments of happiness in life can be extremely daunting! Its quite the massive pressure after all and the thought of forever searching for that one specific moment of pure utter happiness to me, seems impossible. Sure there are times when you can feel happy, like when I’m camping or when that Friday pay check comes in and the weekend fun is about to commence. However, I realised that my brain was creating bias for them, and reflecting back on them, I’d realise that during those moments I wasn’t truly happy. When the pay check comes in its incredibly exciting, but also theres the little voice inside of me screaming “REMEMBER YOU HAVE BILLS TO PAY”

As a result, I like to try and break the day down, break life down in to little experiences here and there which let me survive each day with one or two moments that I can think back on and say “yeah I was pretty darn happy then”. It can be anything from a cold beer, or the light going green at just the right point, or maybe even that there was toilet paper in the stall you chose to use. 

Today I had one said moment, we were all sitting outside school during our lunch break and I was prepping lunch. I have a tight ritual of sandwiches for lunch because as a veggie I find its easy, quick and I’m never disappointed. I make my simple sandwich with two slices of bread, a handful of thinly sliced cucumber, a generous load of spinach and I top it off with some thick slices of great Britain’s finest mature cheddar. There are definitely day when i spice it up and get fancier, maybe some roasted red peppers, or some artichoke hearts, but the base sandwich is typically as stated above.  

Sorry back to my little moment…

So I wiped out all the ingredients and the chorus of jokes and laughs came my way as they always do when I wiped out a Tupperware containing all my ingredients and of course a big knife I found in the kitchen to chop everything up. As someone described me earlier in the day ‘unhinged’. I liked it though.

As the prepping gets underway a couple of curious souls began to ask their questions and this is when the moment happened. I offered a sandwich to them and they were delighted to be on the receiving end of some food. Simple moment, simple smile but something that stuck with me during the day. We even spoke about sandwiches at the end of the day together when I shared I might bring in some more special ingredients in for tomorrow. My happiest self was a completely trivial moment around 2pm today and writing it down seems so silly but you cant deny the truth. 

These moments are often nothing major and in the long run are not what I remember from said day because of how small they are. When focusing on and reflecting back on specific moments from that day, I notice and have been for a while that its these tiny interactions with people, or things that truly make a difference. I’m thankful to have these moments and excited to continue noticing them daily.  


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