Cooking with Pâté 

We, as creatives in this industry, share a lot in common with chefs—and one of those similarities is how both of us can cook something for everyone to consume. The distinction lies in chefs cooking food, while we cook art. Paul Pateman, a former ad-man with significant agency experience who is now a graphic artist, piqued my interest by illustrating the fusion of two disparate elements into something entirely unique.

During his presentation on ‘Turning a Shit Sandwich into Foie Gras: The Making of Pâté’, he recounted his journey of becoming the Pâté we all know today. He shared how his passion for drawing and illustrating developed from childhood to the point where he, someone who seemingly had it all figured out, decided to create illustrations that could bring a smile to everyone’s face. He aimed to make his work a reflection of his personality and sense of humor.

All of his creations can be explored on, showcasing simple and flat-colored artworks. His lateral-thinking brain enables him to effortlessly translate the intended message into a visual representation. Among his numerous projects, my personal favorite would be his animated illustrations, which inspired me to create similar work. Here are three ads I designed employing a flat illustration design style and combinations of two elements, inspired by Paul Pateman.


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