After hunching over reams of literature at uni for three years, I came to SCA labelling myself as a pure copywriter. Words were my thing. Even aged five I wrote poetry for magnificent events such as my great Uncle’s funeral. Such a sick event. That hella popped off. Anywho, the idea of art direction bamboozled me as I thought it meant being a commissioned illustrator or a fine art hottie. 

But, after starting SCA, and working on a multitude of briefs, I realised I loved playing with the tippy tappy computer. Giving ideas a face and an identity. It is a lot of fun to do art direction. You don’t even have to be able to draw well!! What!!! Seven months into using Adobe for the first time and it feels pretty natural now. I still fumble around making stuff, but if you have a clear vision you can just try and make it work. Even if it’s doing it the hard way.

Don’t get me wrong, I do still write stuff too, I love writing headlines and playing with words. In fact, my ‘scamps’ are mostly just words. I will give myself that agnostic label of hybrid to avoid over-explaining. Also, one thing I sort of dislike writing are scripts and dialogue. But joy of joys, my partner Xavier is fantastic at it. What a result. 

This ramble has become the entire scab. It wasn’t supposed to. I wanted to try and investigate where my love for the tippy tappy computer came from. When I was a mere tween, I used to make weird surreal memes. I think I used Canva to make them. Sorry Ian. They do not follow the grid, I don’t think they make sense either. They make me shake my head. Am I disappointed in them? Or am I proud of them? Who knows.

My ‘surreal memes’, aged 15


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