What is your spirit song? – By KRAK intake

By KRAK intake


What is your spirit song?


You know, the one song that embodies your very essence, your soul and star sign all rolled up into one. 


If god had the radio on whilst making you, this would be the background music.


Drop your Spotify links below, they will become the official KRAK playlist:


KRAK playlist: 


KRAK theme song of the week:


DJ: Music by Erick Sermon




Ivan: No Scrubs – TLC




Chris: High as Hell – Keith Murray




Tommy: Mama, you been on my mind – Jeff Buckley 


Munraj: Dermot Kennedy – Without Fear


Maeva :Diam’s- Big up

 (literally me in my best mood). 


Eva: Murder on the dancefloor – Sophie Ellis-Bexter


Luce : Queen, Killer Queen 




Camila: Muerte en Hawai – Calle 13


Ellie: Rather Go Blind, Etta James 


Charlie: What Is Love – Haddaway


Elle: Strip – Little Mix




Holly : Always A Woman To Me- Fyfe Dangerfield 


David : Song for Jo – Fakear


Pierre: Kavinsky – Nightcall


Katie: Groove Is In The Heart – Deee-Lite


Phillip: It’s hip to be square – Huey Lewis and the News


Rolly: Numb- Linkin Park 


Cinderella- Tata Young 


Scarlet: Nothing’s gonna stop us now- Starship 


Elisa: Messages from Her, Sabrina Claudio 


Chloë: As by Stevie Wonder


Alex: U Sure Do – Strike


Marley: Feel Good Inc. by the Gorrilaz


Lawrence: Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado 


Sean: it’s gotta be Greek.. 


Despina Vandi’s ‘Spania’. It’s folksy, rumbunctious, cheesy as FCUK, melodramatic but would rather blast it out in a rousing chorus. And reminds how ‘spania’ – rare – I am and we all are. 


Plus Angela Dimitriou ‘100%’ cos nobody owns a garage forecourt quite like Angela 


Aaron: Otis Redding cigarettes and coffee 


Bastien :


Rachael: Kid Cudi – Flight At First Sight/Advanced


Leanne Now we are free, from the Gladiator soundtrack – 

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