My last Scab – By @luce_ReFr

By Luce Renaud Frigitotti


My last Scab 


Here we are, my time at the SCA have now come to an end, and boy, have I learned a lot during those past few months ! 

Yes, at first it was a bit hard. I missed my family and friends. Also it was very different from schools in France. Because it less structured, less hierarchy between teachers and students, there are no grades so the gratification that we have is people’s reaction. Not just the teacher’s but the room, the student’s (which is great). I haven’t just learned stuff about the language but also quite particular things like politics. How your system works. It is quite different because in France we vote for a person to rule the country not just for our commune. I found the green party brief very interesting. It made me want to join the green party of France when I will go back there. Not because I am super committed but I would find it interesting to see if I could help them with the knowledge that I have gain at SCA. I find it complicated because in order to have an efficient communication you can only say one thing, a single minded proposition. So of course the green one’s is Save the planet. But people only really care about politic if it impacts their everyday life. Not something in the next fifty years on the other side of the planet. Therefor it’s also important for them to say that they work on local issue and that they’re economically close from socialism, the labour party. So we will see if I will really do it. 

For now I am quite preoccupied with finding an internship. No any internship, I want to work in London, in an advertising or graphic design agency. Only then will my formation be finished. Only then will I be fully prepared to work internationally. I want to speak english all day long. To have a mentor from who I will learn a lot, and help him. Like yoda and luke. So I am looking for a Yoda agency. And when I will have find my internship I will find a place to live. But I can’t commit to a place before I know for sure that I am going to be in London for the next 6 months. So even tho I love the school and I know it made me grow so much, I also know that I will grow even more in a company, where I will produce work that will actually be made. With higher stakes. 

Here’s a little sample of what I have learned : 

it’s really hard to sell any drink without mass marketing pinterest is for the future, people look for inspiration for future projects people hate reading, do not too much copy on 90% of the ads we will make today beauty, travel, car industry says mostly rubbish in their ads, and it a fat money industry with 17 billion for the beauty industry, 273 billions for car androids cellphones sell way more then apple on a black background there must be more space between letters radio is about painting a picture in people’s mind, use their imagination a lot of the reaction to your work is about how you present it, not just the idea itself, just like advertising: it is not just about the product but how you present it. 

In summary, I have grown, learned about the culture, people, and myself. Even tho I am choosing to leave, know that I absolutely do not regret coming to SCA. 

So I would like to thank Marc, all the mentors, the guests, and the students from who I have learned a lot too. 

And I will miss being here. Maybe even writing scabs who knows. 

Also Clean up time will probably get stuck in my head for the rest of my life (preach if you headed the song while reading the sentence). 

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