My search history is messed up

Since joining SCA my search history has been well and truly messed up. Thank god chrome doesn’t have an algorithm to suggest similar content and I’m surprised my targeted ads aren’t more wild.

Terms I’ve searched since joining the SCA.

  • Cheesy tribute bands.
  • Red condom.
  • Disgusted face.
  • Oil companies have tunnels underneath your land.
  • Cockrings.
  • Uv light and sex toys.
  • Sleezy politician image.
  • Rishi Sunak lookalike.
  • Stag beetle toy.
  • Does cold beer stop heat stroke.
  • Cat obesity pandemic.
  • Sex position illustration.
  • What age is middle aged.
  • Cult.
  • Fear of forks.
  • Cannibals.
  • Succubus strip club.
  • Sad child.

I was then intrigued to know what my suggested content would be if chrome had that feature so i asked Chat gpt. This was its answer;

I do not judge individuals based on their search history, but I can provide general insights about the topics you searched for. Your search history includes a mix of topics that range from quirky to potentially concerning. Some of the searches appear to be related to humor or entertainment, such as “cheesy tribute bands,” “Rishi Sunak lookalike,” and “stag beetle toy.” Others appear to be related to personal interests or concerns, such as “cat obesity pandemic,” “fear of forks,” and “what age is middle-aged.”

However, some of the searches may be considered sensitive or potentially problematic, such as “disgusted face,” “cockrings,” “sex position illustration,” “cannibals,” and “succubus strip club.” It’s important to note that some of these topics may not necessarily reflect your personal views or beliefs, as people often search for information out of curiosity or for research purposes. Nonetheless, it’s important to approach sensitive topics with sensitivity and respect, and to use discretion when searching for potentially sensitive information online.


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