Nabeel’s half-term adventure

When I was a kid I had a toy. Well I had quite a few toys but I had one in particular that holds a special place in my heart. I had a little cuddly toy donkey that came with me everywhere I went. After helping my mum and dad move some boxes around my childhood home this week I rediscovered the very toy I grew up with. And it got me thinking. 

I really like donkeys. My grandfather was a farmer in Pakistan. So I’d spend my summers surrounded by green spaces and animals. And with his pet donkey. And so I wanted to use this SCAB to talk about one of my favorite places that I got to visit recently – The Donkey Sanctuary down in Sidmouth. 

From day one, I’ve felt a special relationship with donkeys. They’re very calm animals: maybe I see myself in them because of their calm nature. They chill all day, don’t do much, just want to live their life. I’ve always been fond of them. They’re also incredibly friendly and love to interact with people. 

But it’s not just about the donkeys themselves – it’s also about the environment they live in. Donkey sanctuaries are usually located in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful green fields and rolling hills. The air is fresh and clean, and there’s something about being out in nature that just makes you feel so relaxed and at ease.

But anyway. Please enjoy some pictures  (of varying quality) of my new donkey friends and things we saw on our trip.

If you’d like to support the work done by The Donkey Sanctuary you can do so here

Hi Mum! I’ll be home late for dinner tonight


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