Name Dropping, Part 1 – By @Orla27Marie

Orla O'Connor

By Orla O’Connor


Name Dropping, Part 1


The ad industry is like name dropping central.  But who are these all important famous names.  I’ve started a name dropping list to try and get to know the who’s who of advertising.  All these are name I’ve come across in books, talks and some have cropped up in research of other names.  This is by no means a finished list, but it’s a good start to get to learn the greats that have paved the way for newbies such as myself, as Alex Taylor would say – learn your fucking history.  

Retired or Dead

Paul Arden

Was ECD at Saatchi’s and was at the height of his fame in the 70 – 80 roughly.  He left school at 16 and is said to have distrusted the education system, believing that qualifications were proof of what someone has done rather than showing what a person is capable of achieving.  This is speculated to have influenced his book It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be (2003).  He also published Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite (2005).

Before settling down at Saatchi’s he worked at Ogilvy and Mather Lintas, Claman&Partners and DDB.  Infact he was fired 5 times before Saatchi’s and owes his success to lessons he learnt from these incidents.  

Paul Arden died April 2008.  

Silk Cut Slash –

The Independent tagline – It Is. Are You? –

Anchor Butter Football Cows –

British Airways Face (In Graham Fink Section)

His Wiki Page –


Graham Fink

Alexandra Taylor

Bill Bernbach

Along with Ned Doyle and Maxwell Dane setup DDB (1949).  He founded the AD – CW partnership in creative departments.  Hailed as an advertising god and had a lot of lasting influence and inspired many people in the industry.

VW Lemon and Think Small

Avis We Try Harder

Ohrbach’s Cat –

Born 1911 and died 1982


Helmut Krone

Paul Rand

William Weintraub

Alexey Brodavich

Was a photographer and designer that is largely known for his art direction on Harper’s Bazaar.  Before starting his artistic career he was in the Military.  His artstic life kicked off after winning a poster competition for a local theater (2nd place was Picasso).  

His experimental photography became widely popular in the 40’s and 50’s.  

Examples of his layouts –

Includes colour examples –

Howard Gossage

He operated out of San Francisco in the 1950s.  He never made a TV ad and would turn away business so his agency wouldn’t grow above 13 members of staff.  His peers the likes of Bernbach and Ogilvy described him as a scoundrel.  He used coupons in print ads to start conversations with his audience rather than broadcasting at them.  Started to experiment that advertising could be used to make the world a better place rather than to just shift product.  

Born 1917 and died 1969.

Examples of his work –

Steve Harrison on Gossage –


Steve Harrison

David Ogilvy

Bill Bernbach

Roy Grace

Grace spent almost 4 decades in advertising and was seen as a pioner in the 1950/1960s ad heyday.  In 1986 he formed his own agency Grace and Rothchild, which close in 2000.

Born 1936 and died 2003.

Alka-Seltzer Spicy Meatballs –

Volkswagen Funeral –

American Tourister Gorilla –

Lois Korey

She began her career as a TV writer specialising in comedy for the likes of Woody Allen.  She met Mr Kay and they went on to work at McCann Erickson in Manhattan.  They later left to set up Korey, Kay & Partners Ageny.  Was hight of fame in the 1960s.  When talking about clients being to scared to make risky ads she was quoted saying “A fish sticks from the head”. (hey whipple squeeze this).

Died 1990

Helmut Krone

Partner Marty Cooke.  Said there mission was to reinvent the art of advertising.  Worked for 30 years at DDB in New York.  He was obsessed with making every page look different every day.  

Born 1925, died 1996.  

VW Beetle Lemon

Avis We Try Harder

Audi FOX Layout –

VW Box –

Bernbach and Krone on advertising –



Paul Rand

An American Art Director and Graphic Designer.  Specialised in corporate logos and design.  Famous for embracing Swiss design.  Inducted into the NY Art Director’s Hall of Fame 1972.  When working at William Weintraub agency in NY he collaborated with Bernbach

Born 1914 and died 1996.

IMB Poster –

Anatomy of a Murer –

Jazz Ways –


William Weintraub

Bill Bernbach

Rosser Reeves

Is hailed as being the inventor of the USP (Unique Selling Proposition).  Which is still used today and is largely just referred to as the proposition.  

Rules to a good Proposition:

  1. Each ad must make a proposition to the consumer
  2. The proposition must be something competitor cannot or do not offer.  
  3. The proposition must be so strong it can move the masses.  

He wrote his theory on advertising while at the Ted Bates agency, now known as the Bates agency.  

Born 1910 and died 1984

John Webster

He was originally a photographer and went to arts school age 30 to become a painter.  He help found BMP and that is where he spent the best half of his career.  This is where Account Planning was born to bridge the gap between research and creative.  He is hailed as an all round modest nice guy, who was definitely a team player.  

Born 1934 and died 2006

Smash Martians

Sugar Puff Honey Monster

The Guardian Points of view –

John Webster Documentary –


Patrick Collister

William Weintraub

Not much is know about him.  He heavily influence Rand.  They met at Esquire – Coronet magazine and he left in 1941 to set up an agency. Rand followed him and was afforded free rein within the agency to explore his art direction.  That’s pretty much all i could find.

James Webb Young

Seems to be most famous for writing A Technique for Producing Ideas (1939). Bernbach was thought to support Youngs 5 techniques to produce great ideas.  

Those Steps are:

  1. Gathering raw material
  2. Digesting the raw material
  3. Unconscious processing (No effort of a direct nature)
  4. The A-HA moment
  5. Idea meets reality

More on his techniques

Born 1886 and died 1973.


Bill Bernbach

If I’ve missed anyone or some of the information is wildly wrong please tweet me @orla27marie

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