Honey’s New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope it was a buzzin’ one for you! We all took a 10-day break to look back on the highs and lows of 2022 and reflect on our pasts, presents, and futures. As we step into a new year, full of accomplishments and awards (we hope), having a new year’s resolution enriches our lives and helps us become the best version of ourselves. Sooo, what are some of our new year’s resolutions? Come and find out, honeypie.

Aimee: Learn to do the splits!! I’ve always wanted to improve my flexibility

Alec: Hoping to do 12 challenges, one challenge a month!


Andrew: Get shit done + sleep

Anna: buy loo roll 

Annie: Land a front flip on rollerskates 

Anu: Master the creative’s essential skill of time management (hell yeah! (by Emma))

Bryony: Progress to taxidermying birds, end of year goal: a carrion crow

Charlie H: Knit a dope sweater

Charlie L: Find peace in the present, be more present in the now. Find time to do things I enjoy

Dave: Stop disappointing my waistline

Ella: Start the SCA zine 

Emma: Going more on hikes for sure, but mostly stop hitting the snooze button  

Euan: Take 3 photos a day 

Fred: Get out of Brixton

Gwen: Stop worrying about things I cannot control. Spend more time in the present rather than worrying about the future

Hope: Break even financially at a central London bottomless brunch

Issie: Believe more in my ability! 

Jamaal: Get healthier n do more productive stuff 

Jess: Be smarter with my time

Jodie: Stop other people from filling in my group scab response

Juliette: Stay happy as I already am 

Kavit: Work on developing different aspects of my life, be more organized and structured

Lara: Treat my body as a temple, not a den

Molly: Read the news more and keep up to date with trends on socials

Nabeel: Take more walks and unplug as often as I can

Nesu: Laugh more

Nicole: Read everyday, educational or not 

Liv: Help rob be less competitive

Oscar: Drink less

Pascaline: Meditate daily 

PJ:  Wim Hof – Ice Baths and Breathing

Rob: Be better than all of you.

Rohmarra: Finish my first big solo project

Tara: Write things down more and spend less time on my phone 

Travis: Less time on this phone

Paola: Be more optimistic

Xavier: Share my work more

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