Pretending to love art – By @caminobbe

By Camille Noble


Pretending to love art


I think I always loved art. Or I pretended to always love it.


Collecting dots in differents museum and art culture places makes me remember how I appreciate them. It is almost the only quiet place where creation takes place.


As a child, I used to visit all the famous museum in Paris. I was very admirative and impressed in front of all these big masterpieces. Not because it was art. Because they were all so tall as seen from my little eyes. In fact, when I was 5, I precisely remember to see the Samothrace Victory and what I felt when I noticed that her arms were missing and worst, her head! But I don’t really have a memory about the far away Mona Lisa at the same place and the same day.


Then coming to the teenage period, I still liked museums. I wonder if I liked them because I thought I had to love everything that deals with creation. And mainly because I was really thinking that it makes me cooler. At that age, not a lot of people like art museum so it makes me feel special, different. But I didn’t really knew it. For a long time, William Turner was for me a character in a pirates film.


6 years ago, I came to London during a weekend in January. And as usual when I visit a new city, I had to go to and see its museums. This time it was the Tate Modern Museum. I walked in the first room a little tired and very absent minded by my shopping at Oxford street. But my gaze was like attracted by a painting which can’t impress me by its size. It was a little Salvador Dali painting in a corner. This artwork disappointed me. Make me ask myself a lot of questions, not just if I find it pretty or not.


After this moment, I had to know more about art and understand it. So I started developing my own culture and also started learning history of art. I still have so much more things to discover about it but today I think I truly like art.


When we had to collecting dots on Thursday, I first thought that I will find my first love : the Tate Modern. But it finally was his brother, the British one. It was also interesting because of the art movement diversity. I can’t say I was really comfortable in front of an artistic performance. Especially when it’s a contemporain dancer who looks dress like an animal or a vegetable… But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t his aim.


One more thing that I need to understand in this discipline.


Art is a culture without end. So much things to learn about it which can be help to understand many others stuff apart form art. I will continue to collect a lot of dots by myself all the year long.

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