SCABs From Rome – By @Antonio_line_

By Antonio Castellano


I slightly feel the need to try to write some sort of high qualitative content here but I guess I’m going to ignore that for now. I’ll just write what I feel, so also for this time, there’s nothing important here, you can go to see better things on the internet like cats (I love them, no joking).

Anyway, I’m in my house in Rome, on the porch swing enjoying the summer (and killing mosquitos). Everything is really cool right now. Yeah I mean, I haven’t found a flat yet but I’m doing my best and sometimes I feel worried for my next year and my future but I guess it’s normal. Just last week I talked to my Canadian friend about the way our generation lives its future expectation. Our parents less, but our grandparents had almost no choice about their future. They had to follow their fathers’ job paths like farmers, pharmacists, teachers and so on. You always have the job, you don’t have to worry about taking unknown and unsafe paths or maybe just the wrong one. No choice, no regrets (sounds like a Homer Simpson state of mind sentence). But sometimes also no satisfaction by not doing the thing you love. Today we have literally thousands of different options of jobs, countries, and partners. Which is the ONE for you? What can you do to know it? Trying as many as you can? I opted for the halfway between something I love and something that can at least give me surely a salary each month (for the job and the country, not sure about using this halfway to choose a love partner ahahah). I’m not certain that this is 100% the ONE but I can get over it, I breathe even it is not, the important thing is that it is something that makes me happy (I want to read this in 5 or 6 months while I will be dying by doing advertising in the SCA <3).

Moving on to something less dramatic, I’m going to write about the ‘guy’ in my profile picture that I had the selfie with. He was an Italian poetry, writer, and philosopher who lived around 1800. Most of the Italian people say he was just a depressed one, but they just haven’t studied his thought properly. Now I’m just going to talk about his pleasure theory. What he thinks is that to await a pleasure is itself the real pleasure. I know this thought isn’t completely from him but he elaborated it so much in his works. 

For example: waiting for a party, knowing that the night will be amazing, feeling the high expectations is basically what makes you smile and happy. As soon as the night starts, it starts also its ending process and it will be burned sooner than you expected.

I’ve been always felt close to Leopardi’s thought and these days I have been thinking about the pleasure theory often.

On my porch swing, everything is going to happen. I can feel my hopes and taste my energy for the next year. It’s so good.

Will it last?

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