A New Year’s Wish

Yes, I know. New Year’s resolutions, who cares? Who sticks to them? There’s only so far the guilt of Christmas overindulgence can take you in your ‘new year, new me’ endeavours, right? But you know what, maybe it’s not all that fickle.  

There’s a category of resolutions that exist not just because of the little tyre that finds itself around the waist post-festivities, or the feeling of falling behind. They’re the resolutions that sustain themselves throughout the year, that bring fresh resolve and a clarity for where to go. In the spirit of those, I’d like to share a little from my heart.

I have a New Year’s resolution, for term 2 at least. I couldn’t possibly tell you how it’ll pan out afterwards. I’m fast learning that if term 1 is anything to go by, it’s very likely I’ll be having a death and rebirth moment in the next two. So while my old-self continues to unknowingly shed itself, my north star for the next months is to… create, create and create. Create? Create.

Yes, I have pretty much nicked SCA’s agenda for this one. But in my reflections over Christmas, what I’m finding coolest about my time here is the infectious energy of the school. It’s somewhere between the feeling of your third coffee of the day and the motivating rush of knowing you’ll die someday. A feeling of pure potential.

And that’s it. Potential in a very raw form. Something that just begs to have something done with or to it. So this thought coupled with the fact that there’s only 6 months left of bathing in it has brought me to one conclusion. Output to eff-you-see-kay.

It’s not like we don’t create enough in the week. There’s no shortage of briefs and extra projects that flow towards us, of course, but where my resolution is different is that I set it with the aim of no agenda. No need for fame or to capture the client’s hearts. No need to think of the metaverse. I can challenge myself with throughout the week.

One thing I glimmered very, very early on in one of Dusty’s scamp classes is that free of pressure, free of expectations, the creativity that comes out of me is spirited in a different way. I mean it is possible to achieve that in live work, but really, it’s not always so easy to detach from the pressure.

I’m an analytical, philosophical person by default and the briefs really bring it out in me. I have to make a real effort to allow 5 year old me come out and play. So in order to embody and hopefully permanently ground my child-self I want to play and create more for no purpose other than to do it. Because being a kid is fun!

Now this is a genuine wish. Not a manufactured, forceful wish. Prior to coming to the school, I was forever collecting ideas, funny thoughts, observations. But I could never think what to do with them. Being exposed now to what forms ideas can take and how to ground them, I’m keen to create. And, if I’m feeling bold you may just get to see what I’m up to.


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