Campaigns I would steal for my portfolio – By @martamorientes

By Marta Morientes


Campaigns I would steal for my portfolio

If I could steal campaigns for my portfolio from all the greatest pieces of work that have been made in the last decades, it would look like something like this:

Surfer (Guinness) 

Why? We all know ‘Good things come to those who wait’ is of the best big ideas of the history of advertising but the creative leap and execution of this ad it’s just brilliant. The music, the copy and the visuals keep your eyes unblinking. It still continues to surprise me. 

Get a Mac (Apple) 

Why? It’s content that it’s so so so so so funny. Many times.


Why? It’s such a SIMPLE and funny thought. What I especially like about it it’s that absolutely everyone could have made it possible. It was made by Teddy and Frazer, ex-SCAers at Droga5. Genius. 


Why? Not only is such a good idea but Paul Belford’s art direction is outstanding. 

Wassup (Budweiser) 

Why? It makes me laugh, a lot. Real laugh. 

Dream crazier and Believe in something (Nike)

Why? It makes my hair stands on. And it gets political, YES. I love brands that stand for something and have an opinion in the culture we live in. 

Orange Man (Tango) 

Why? I would add to my list any of the Tango ads. They are funny and they created culture. I would have loved seen that on tv 30 years ago and the conversations it created. God bless Steve Henry mind. 

Keep it bud light (Bud Light)

Why? Parodies and ads that create songs. Perfect combination. 

Yes! DUMBO Improvement District 

Why? A graffiti and a problem-solving solution. I will definitely think about how to apply this formula for some ideas.  Stefan Sagmeister solves the problem in such an intelligent way. 

The worst hotel of the world (Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam) 

Why? It’s just SO funny and SO simple. 

In such wise, how would you score my portfolio?

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