National Sandwich Day

Thursday, November 3rd marked National Sandwich day. Sandwiches are great. They can be as quick and easy or as elaborate and fancy as you like. You may argue that the sandwich is the unglamorous option. Especially in London, where you’re surrounded by lots of delicious options, but I’d argue the simplicity of the sandwich is what makes it great. It’s the swiss army knife of food options. It’s a classic.

Walk into any unfamiliar British social situation and get the debates flowing with your preferred Tesco/Boots/M&S meal deal combination. Rob recoils in horror every time I present my meal deal choices to him for lunch. (Apparently Fridge Raiders as a snack choice are a no go?)

And that got me thinking. Are there any similarities between what it takes to create the perfect sandwich and SCA? 

Let’s find out! (Stay with me here as I stretch this metaphor to its limits!)

Here’s my recipe for the perfect sandwich:

  1. Use quality ingredients 

To make a tasty sandwich, you have to start with tasty ingredients. Opting for high-quality meats, cheeses, toppings and condiments will ensure your sandwich looks and tastes its best. Kind of like gathering a wide variety of diverse creative talent from all walks of life. A group that will complement each other and grow.

  1. Incorporate Sauces and Salads.

Once you have your quality ingredients, it’s time to consider the sauces and spreads. The right condiments will take your sandwich to a whole new level. Not unlike adding a roster of incredible, rockstar mentors from a variety of different disciplines,  to help bring out the best of your quality ingredients. 

  1. Proper Pairings

Choosing your sandwich toppings based on how well they pair with each other ensures each bite will taste perfect. The best sandwich toppings will complement each other in both flavour and texture. When you think about it, isn’t that similar to having a host of awesome agency sponsors who are passionate about nurturing the next wave of creative talent and creating awesome work?

  1. Don’t forget the bread

Obviously, no sandwich is a sandwich without the bread. The right bread is the key to making a better sandwich. It’s important to select the proper sandwich bread so your sandwich can support the delicious flavours you pack inside. Most definitely like the awesome people who keep the school running and allow us to be ourselves and weirdos like me to write SCABs that are really long-winded metaphors about sandwiches (I can’t wait to see their faces when they read this!)

There you have it. The four-step process on what it takes to make the perfect sandwich. A lot like the ingredients and steps it takes to create a world-famous, award-winning ad school hey? 

Funny that.

Hi Mum, Thanks for reading! We’ve run out of bread.


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