New year’s Goals – By @christinems_

Christine Smith

By Christine Smith


New year’s Goals

I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions. They only last the first week and then you give up, live your everyday life exactly as you did in the past and wait another year to then make the same new year’s resolutions again. What I do believe in are goals. Specific and different goals you can overcome or even only dream of but with one purpose; to make every day better then the last one. If you know exactly what to work for because it interests you it’s easier to wake up in the morning, stay motivated in the stressed situations and push yourself further.  

I only have 7 months left at SCA so I want those 7 months to be the wildest, toughest, funniest and most educational month before I jump back into “the real world”. Here are my goals: 

Professional goals

  • Be more ideapreneur 
  • Make ideas that makes a difference
  • Make an ad people will remember
  • Find a partner
  • Win a pencil, lion and other awards
  • Get my portfolio in Cream
  • Write down an important mess every sunday
  • Stay open to opportunities 
  • Invent a new way of showing my portfolio 
  • Get an internship at an agency in London, New York, Sydney, Stockholm, Paris and/or at an top agency around the world.
  • Be a better writer
  • Take more risks
  • Listen more to my gut 
Personal goals
  • Play more music 
  • Make more space for doing nothing
  • Live more healthy in a funnier way
  • Spend less time/money on clothes and shoes
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Be less of a perfectionist 
  • Remember to say no
  • Be more positive 
  • Focus on one thing at a time 
  • Read more tech + fashion-blogs/magazines
  • Spend time with people who give me positive energy
  • Be more in the present
  • Use time management more 
My final and biggest goal is that I have improved all these goals before January 1st 2018!

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