Nick, 25 year-old mum By @NicholasKugge

Nick Kugge

By Nick Kugge


Nick, 25 year-old mum


Seven month of our year at SCA have past and everyone is starting to have an embryo of a portfolio. However, spring cleaning has just begun. It’s this time of the year where the ugly babies are thrown out the window and get replaced by more promising offspring. During this introspection of our work we spotted one of the symptoms of most student books.

Apple, Durex, SoundCloud and many other “cool”, youth-centric brands populated our portfolios. This doesn’t come as a surprise as most of us are in our early 20s, regularly consume these products and understand these brands better than anyone else. But what happens when six month from now we need to crack a brief on the latest super-absorbent adult diaper, that oaky whiskey or that all-terrain baby pushchair? Luckily we got another…three month, to get familiar with these people’s needs and wants and their mysterious life…

It’s often said that empathy is one of the critical skills among top creatives. Being able to feel out someone from a different generation, social class or even gender is crucial when searching for the big idea, or should we call it “the right idea”?

During this Easter break, we started to work on these unknown brands. This led us to the cuddly world of Bugaboo – a trendy baby pushchair. Having not (yet) considered to buy a baby wagon nor remembering my privileged days in one, understanding what Bugaboo is about was surprisingly…exciting. A new perspective revealed itself to us. When do parents buy their pushchair, before or after their baby’s birth? Can you go on a run with your Bugaboo and will your child get motion sickness!?

 After few days of Bugaboo frenzy we still have some way to go before finding “the right idea”, at least we’re now far from the clichés young creatives have about parenthood… As Ian Wharton recently reminded us: “Until you have god-like knowledge of the people and brands you want to work on, don’t start…”

If there is one thing I’m sure about, it’s that if I ever have a child, his first car will be a Bugaboo.

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