Nina Numpty Sat on A Wall, by @1CuriousGiraffe

Nina Beyers

By Nina Beyers


Nina Numpty Sat on A Wall

Nina Numpty sat on a wall 

worrying, fretting, trying not to bawl 

all the assignments, projects and portfolio strain

couldn’t put Nina Numpty’s head straight again


So on Tuesday she hit the brick wall 

and she fell with an almighty crack 

she felt like her ideas were wack 

couldn’t see where she was or find her way back 



So she stumbled up to Marc’s tower 

to ask why she felt sour 

he gave her a tissue 

and said chill out, this ain’t jujitsu 



He scribbled on a side of A4 

and on it was dots galore! 

don’t worry,  your portfolio can wait
go laugh, scribble or create 



You’ve been staring at Photoshop too long

maybe a shower? You’re starting to pong 

or perhaps a Tinder date?
could help you get out of this state 

Either way, get outta here and set your head straight 

so she skiddalded off to the Tate 

peered at Emin’s bed

and a mattress made of white bread

So she’s had a go at penning a rhyming chorus
with the help of a rhyming thesaurus 

to say thanks for easing her out of her pain

so that, in the end, Nina Numpty was put together again. 

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