No – By @iamvandale

Adeline Dechaud

By Adeline Dechaud



During my interview day, Caroline asked me which was my favourite word in English, and which one was my favourite in French.
Under the pressure I naively answered that my favourite English word was “hope” because I actually never really thought about it and hope sounded okay.
But I proudly answered that my favourite one in French was “non”.
Now that I think about it, in whichever language of the world, Non, No, Nein, nej  etc. this word is and will always be my favourite word. Always.
“That’s weird, because usually creatives like the word “yes”, they always say yes to every idea, they’re very positive” Caroline told me.
I am the first one to say yes to the worst ideas people can share because I believe there’s always something to take from every single thing, as small as it can be. 
To me, made of only two very common letters, the word “no” is definitely the strongest word. “No” is the word of freedom. Rebellion. It gives every person the right to choose, to make their own path.
Some people changed the world by saying no.
Some people will change the world by saying no.
“Yes” is an amazing word.
But “no” is the most powerful one. 

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