North Norfolk Coast – By @JacobDeFig

By Jacob de Figueiredo


North Norfolk Coast


The North Norfolk Coast is a place that has established itself within the essence of my being. A place that I’ve spent many a British summer frolicking in vast open fields with my siblings, chasing the expansive sunset wishing to never grow old, standing on the edge of a cliff feeling the raindrops trickle down my face only to realize this is what it means to truly be alive…


Or was I dragged there against my will summer after summer, during my teenaged years when I’d rather be swigging 2ltr bottles of strongbow in the park, passing around a cigarette I must have nicked from my dad the night before in a last ditch attempt to seem cool?


Whichever memory is the correct one, it doesn’t change the fact that the north Norfolk coast holds a very special place within my heart.


North Norfolk to me is truly unique. It’s excellent crab, its exquisite whelks, or its complete lack of anything that would offend or delight anyone.


But it doesn’t stop there! Cromer’s got a decent pier if you’re into pantomimes, having salty wind lashed into your eyes, and a panoramic view whose colour brings to mind the memory of damp having leaked through the plasterboard walls of your terraced house.


You’ll sit on a bench, shivering hands, as you’re wind-whipped, disappointed and cold on your authentic driftwood bench, which could have possibly been wood.


I mean, they actually have this quote inscribed onto their costal walkway for the entire world to see. Seriously, come on Norfolk, sort it out. 

But what do these ramblings have to do with anything at all?


Great question.


I’ve spent the majority of my half term in Norfolk and it’s seriously done me the world of good.


 I have a real tendency to get easily stuck in a routine, as do probably most people, especially when the days are intense, it’s always seems easier to turn on auto pilot and just get through it, almost semi consciously. Wake up at the same time, same route to the station; see the same faces, same seat, same sounds, visuals, thoughts, feelings. Routine truly limits the capabilities of the mind.  Sometimes I try and re visit memories from the past week and see if I can distinguish 1 day from another but it’s eerily difficult.


This trip to Norfolk is a reminder of how crucially important it is for the mind. To break routine and absorb yourself in a different way of life.  It builds empathy, you can look at the world in a different lights. The second your eyes see something that breaks this routine, new thoughts and ideas begin to bubble.


I want to try and visit a different area of the UK every Sunday, even if it’s only for a couple of hours. Just walk around, maybe have a chat with the locals, grab a cup of coffee. If anyone wants to join me, feel free.


New experiences make for a healthy mind, better ideas and most importantly an interesting person.


“‘Cus when we’re lying on our death bed, all we’ll be left with is our memories. So better make ‘em count.” – Jacob de Figueiredo (just now.)

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