One more sleep







By @SJYeates


I seldom sleep that well actually, and given the amount of nervous energy swimming through my waters, it looks like being a long, long night.

That said, what I thought might help was getting a load of stuff off my chest, right now, in a quick burst. A Daniel Kahneman-inspired brain barf of the System 1 variety, coughed up long before System 2 has the opportunity to mop it up with a roll of Charmin. 

So lets give it a go then, here are some of the things that will be going through my head this evening and into the wee hours, and if I leave them in this SCAB then maybe they’ll stay there just long enough to get me some shuteye. 

Firstly, my ardunio, which I haven’t finished, but which I’ll bring in with apologies and a plan of next steps. You’ve run me ragged, my darling bleep. And I haven’t enjoyed it… 

…moving on… 

The shape of Simon Cowell’s head.

Learning everyones names. 

How on earth did East 17’s Brian Harvey run himself over?

How much popcorn is too much popcorn? 

My hamstrings.
Have I done enough to prepare for this year? 
Was Edward Usher right, can you really be considered a serious human being when you settle for cornflakes for breakfast?

Wondering whether the couple downstairs are going to have really supersonically loud sex at 4am. Again.

Tottenham Hotspur winning the league (as if).

Calling a mentor ‘Mum’ at some point in the year. Anyone else ever do that to a school teacher? Just me? Ok cool.

End of S1B (System 1 Barfage). Hoping to sleep better than usual. 

See you tomorrow.  

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