One Silly Decision. By @ZSlatter

By Zoe Slatter


One Silly Decision.

Before all of this exciting stuff happened. With that I mean the pencil, the scholarship, graduating and entering the real world. I decided in April to say yes to my friend and go with her to Thiland and South East Asia for 6 weeks. At the time, I thought BRILLIANT, amazing Idea who knows what I’ll be doing come September as we will be fresh design graduates. A few phone calls later and talks about setting up companies and travelling around the globe as graphic designers (oh how we dreamt), the flights were booked. So now, that BRILLIANT now…. now not so much. 

So again to cut things short. Im going to South East Asia in two days and I won’t be back until the 25th September (yes, I’m aware thats late). So when a strange girl rocks ups a couple of weeks in, I am meant to be there, Im not just some ‘looney’ off the streets. So now, I have to complete my passion project, pack and sort everything out…… Nothing like a good challenge!

As much I am excited for my trip, I’m nervous about getting everything done, the reading list and staying up to date with the programmes, which I feel over 6 weeks I will miss playing around on. Secondly I’m nervous that I will miss designing, working and growing my ideas. In fact, I feel I’m going to be a bit lost without my third hand (my laptop) when I go away (this is sounding more like a love letter as I go on). However, I’m taking the traditional sketchbooks, pens, the usual so I can keep up to date and note down any ideas/drawings that come to me whilst I’m away. Also a sketchpad so I can note down any hilarious things that happen and a few drawings along the way!

So little bit of a refection on this decision, was that in it wasn’t such a good one. However, Im going to make the best situation I can out of everything and have a bloody good time and come back with some ideas. I’ve learnt over the last year that relaxing isn’t something Im good at, so perhaps the manic schedule I have when I’m back will suit me just fine! 

Side line note….THE PASSION PROJECT, the thing thats had no cross through on my to do list. Before I go away, I wanted to keep experimenting with character designs on illustrator and photoshop to set my self a style, as this is something I feel I have never had. Partially, I wanted to do this because I get envious scrolling through instagram and want a sweet page that makes everyone jealous. So along with SCA work I’m continuing to do this which has turned into my passion project. So I need to finish this off. However, I also thought about using my travels as my passion project, but with limited equipment it may not be possible, but hey ho, lets just see how it goes and what inspires me out there. You never know you may see some doggy edited passion project at the end!

So to conclude, my travel plans mean I will be arriving to SCA late, by 2 weeks if I can’t find cheaper flights when I’m there. As I have said It’s not ideal and defiantly not something I wanted to happen and my next scab might be something untraditional, i.e notes on a paper and email who knows!

SO please welcome me when I come in, and I cannot wait to meet you all and start doing and being creative.

Left to do

   ⁃         Continue to write scabs

           –         Continue to read books

           ⁃         Complete my passion project

           ⁃         Find somewhere to live in London!  going to be last minute as always. 


see you back in London!

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