Over Thinking the Flintstones – By @orla27marie

Orla O'Connor

By Orla O’Connor


Over Thinking the Flintstones


The best thing about christmas is the terrible christmas films.  The ones you wouldn’t dream of owning but can not miss.  The Flintstones live action film is a favourite of mine, it was one of my favourite cartoons as a kid, and so the real human film blew my mind.  I was reading my notes the other day and we were told to try and find insights in everything.  Small human truths that would relate to anyone.  So I decided today to find some human truths in-between the terrible graphics in the Flintstones movie.  


Grab opportunity

“life isn’t a buffet Wilma, so you pile your plate high and stuff some rolls into your pocket”.  Opportunities only come around once, either you grab them or go hungry.  There are no second chances there will always someone else who is willing to grab the opportunity you chose to miss.  So work your time management out and stuff your face with opportunity, something we aren’t short of in SCA.  


Don’t put your name to something your not proud of

All we have at the end of the day is our name and our reputation everything else can be bought, borrowed or stolen.  Fred was hired as an executive in the film by a dodgey guy.  He was told to just sign things without reading them, he later finds out he fired all his friends from the mine and was set up to be the fall guy for embezzlement.  If only he had taken pride in his name and reputation perhaps he would have read it and not damaged his reputation.  


Don’t be a dick

Manners cost nothing.  Treating everyone in life with respect is something that should come naturally.  Fred in the film is incredibly rude to his weird speaking parrot thing at work that scribes for him.  In the end of the film he is the only witness to clear Fred’s name.  However he is reluctant to do so because of the way he is treated.  In this highly connected world you can not be rude to anyone, as it’s no longer just who you know it’s who you know knows.  


Money isn’t always worth something

not everything in life is worth the money.  At the end of the film Fred is offered his executive job back and lots of money.  He decides instead to go back to work with his friends mining as that’s what he loved.  Money isn’t the be all and end all of life.  Doing what you love is.  Chances are you’re good at what you love, so money will follow.  

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