Thanks SCA, I’m addicted


Well so it’s been 6 months that I’m here now and I have to admit… I’m addicted! 

Wow it feels good saying it! 

It’s not what you’re thinking, I’m not addicted to drugs, I’m not addicted to insomnia or tobacco… well for the last one it’s true, but not because of SCA. 

But what I wanted to say is that they made me addicted to communication and stuff they teach us. Let me explain! 

First, Ian. I SEE GRID EVERYWHERE. I’m just watching all the ads I see, but not just in the tube, also at bus stations, in the street, the ones that are painted in Shoreditch … I’m trying to see if everything is on the grid. And if it’s not I just want to find the art director that did this shit work and kick his ass. Wow that was violent, sorry. There is more, I’m also addicted to finding Helvetica everywhere. And you know what, a lot of art directors I saw on social media say that they like Helvetica. I’m not sure of my opinion… sometimes I have to say I like it. 

Then let’s talk about Caroline. Based on the radio class she just did, I’m listening to every sound, every detail. Then I’m trying to imagine radio ads based on those and link them to a brand so it can stand out. I have to admit, words are not my specialty but I can hear Caroline’s voice when I try to write some stuff. And during the strategy phase, I’m also hearing her voice, her opinion. 

Of course Rob is also on the list. I want to animate all my work. And all the time I see an animation I’m looking at if it’s drawings or adobe drawings. And how people animated it, what are all the different drawings they needed for doing this animation. Then, in terms of video and how to record, I’m always asking myself « where are the cameras? » « where do the lights come from ». When I’m watching interviews and we pass from camera A to camera B I’m just saying to myself that the interviewee said something he didn’t want to keep. Of course after that I’m trying to imagine what this thing can be. 

Let’s talk about Uri. I basically see triangles everywhere. I’m so glad I’m not on Doritos brief, this would have driven me crazy. Also semiotic, I’m watching all the signs, like icons and watching how people interact with them. Also in the tube and on the streets, I’m looking at the outfits and trying to imagine what their mood of the day is. 

Last mentor, Marc. I watch every ad I see on the tube and when I leave the station I try to remember the one I just saw. To be honest he’s right, I don’t remember a lot at the end of the journey. 

As you saw, it’s very hard to be an SCA student. You’ll develop new addictions. But you know what? Better this than drugs! 

See ya! 



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