Pancake Mentors

Hello, me again. 

Since Shrove Tuesday has rolled around, I thought I’d treat you all to a topical SCAB.

Everyone knows that actual pancakes are never the main event of pancake day, it’s the toppings that people really care about. A pancake is simply a vessel, a carrier, a doughy plate if you will, for whatever fruits, flavours, and condiments your tastebuds truly desire. 

Just like pancake toppings, the mentors here at SCA always manage to jazz things up, each one is different, and some float people’s boats more than others (but all are much loved). 

So here is my silly little SCAB where I’ll help you readers get a flavour of our mentors, by telling you which pancake toppings I reckon tickle their fancy. 


I reckon Ian would be a fiend for pancakes topped with some nutrient-rich greek yoghurt, a drizzle of honey, and a sprinkling of fresh blueberries, all served to him at some wonderfully aesthetic artisanal café. He would request his pancakes were presented to him perfectly, all according to a precise grid, with no blueberry out of place. He’d also make sure Pip the pup didn’t go unfed, and would definitely treat her to some delicious doggy pancakes too. 


Richard strikes me as a man who has a penchant for the savoury things in life. He’s a true Brit, with a heart of gold, and when something is good he knows it’s good. I can see Richard “rustling” up (see what I did there?) some ham and cheese pancakes using only the finest ingredients from a local deli. Everyone knows ham and cheese is an unbeatable combo, so why would Richard fix something that ain’t broke?


Rob’s cool. He’s funny. But he’s also switched on, clever, and extremely creative. I reckon Rob would be a dark horse in the pancake game, and would surprise us all by going for something unexpected, like a homemade jam or marmalade that he slaved over for months to get just right. But then again you never know with Rob, he could be a tried and tested maple syrup guy, or a bacon and avocado fiend. Rob is the pancake enigma. 


Pete is a salt of the earth geezer, a classic Londoner. He says things just how they are, and avoids all unnecessary fluff. There’s only one thing for Pete, and that’s good old fashioned sugar and lemon. It hits the spot everytime, and much like Pete, is loved by all. 


Caroline strikes me as well-travelled and curious. She’s for sure an adventurous person, and wouldn’t shy away from the new. I can imagine Caroline potentially being a fan of matcha and white chocolate pancakes, maybe she’s got a special recipe she picked up on a wild adventure somewhere across the globe. Who knows? Then again matcha does sometimes taste like taking a bite out of a patch of grass, and if not done right the flavour can go tits up, but Caroline would make them perfectly, with just the right balance between sweet and earthiness. 


Marc is defo a nutella kinda guy. Judging by the little sweet treats often spotted in his office, it would shock me if he wasn’t team chocolate spread. Plus, Marc is a proud advocate for all things that make people go “that’s NUTS!”, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he requested said pancakes were 3D printed for him by some whack AI robot. 


Uri doesn’t like pancakes. 


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