Parting will be such sweet sorrow, my Arduina

Adam Taylor-Smith







By @AdamTaylorSmith


Dearest Arduina, I pen this today because I believe we both know only too well that this relationship has run its course. Forgive me for starting with an age-old cliché, but it was nothing that you did wrong.

All I wanted to do was control you and it was becoming unhealthy. I often cast my mind back to when you turned up at my front door with such an air of exotic mystery. You came from a world I did not know, and we were doomed for it was a world I was not destined to comprehend. 

At the time I was too shy to say aloud, but when you first winked at me… well, I have not felt that way in all my years. The thrill of my progress! Perhaps I clung to that fleeting moment of hope for too long, from that instant forth I seemed only to step backwards. 

I underestimated your complexities Arduina, and for that I am sorry. The truth is, it’s become apparent to me that I never really understood you – I think that maybe you knew this all along. 

At times I hated you so much I could have struck you, you cruel tormentor. I wanted to crush you and that frightened me. I hope you know how much it pains me to admit that. But know this too; you helped me know myself in ways I could not have predicted. 

So please, let’s attempt to show the world that we can work together one final time. For the sake of all the good times, and all that was happy and true. And then we must part ways. I only hope that you go on to find a more deservéd man than I, someone with the intellect to handle your teasing and intricate ways.

Don’t cry for me my Arduina, farewell.

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