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Ok here we are…hmmm there’s…I don’t know where to start. AHHH you know what? I’m just going babble or just spew everything in out in no particular order, my thoughts are kind of all over the place at the moment. So, since we last spoke what’s been happening with me? Which cuisines have I tasted and enjoyed? And which streets have I wondered down in this new world I’m living in? 

So, something that’s recently happened in school is working in partnerships. Each week you basically become a dynamic duo…Starsky & Hutch…Thelma & Louise…Salt & Pepper and sometimes Earth Wind and Fire (dynamic trio). Anyway I was having too much fun thinking of examples. Now, what I really enjoyed about this is number one not the actual work you have to do, that comes second. First is the relationships you build with your colleagues, you to get to know each other a little better…throwing this out there, some of them are hilarious. If you guys ever read this you know who you are. Now in my first partnership we were given a brief…this isn’t a normal brief. We had to come up with an animal that could do something useful…and yes, you can go as meta as you want…God this school is fun they just let you go for it. So, me and my partner came up with Diet Pig…yup that’s right Diet Pig. How does Diet Pig work? You sign up to the service and whenever you are about to pig out, eat a little too much, diet pig swoops in, takes your food and eats it. Yes, you best believe we were laughing hard and you know how I’m usually crying? (just a little). These tears were of joy. Now that we had a premise something happened between me and my partner, we were in sync. We were just bouncing off of each other, Shaq and Kobe flex. Guess what happened? We won the brief and honestly, I think it’s because of how we built a strong relationship.  It opened my eyes to how important this will become when I will be working in an agency.

Oh, oh oh…there’s something else that happened since we won; we win points, and you can use these points to buy things. Now, I’m not that competitive but boy! I want more points and it’s not because of what I can buy with them but the recognition that you are producing good work…I’m doing good. When I don’t win then, I need to get better…gosh I hope I am not getting high on getting points…hmm then again this might actually be a good addiction. Hmm I know I was going to say a whole myriad of things but I’m a bit scattered at this moment in time but this here, was definitely a highlight so far. Don’t worry Ill tell you more things in the next chapter of my adventure and as always, catch you in a bit. Peace.

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