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We spent the day creating people. Every group gave birth to two of their own. They were our little puppets and we had fun making them as ridiculous, dramatic or funny as possible. We then tried solving problems by putting ourselves in their shoes.


We’ve been consuming (sorry!) personas all our lives (think personified animals or objects like the candlestick in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast).


In advertising, a persona can be used to bring your audience or target to life in order to see where and how what you’re selling will fit into their lives. You can use it to identify the best way to reach them and to anticipate their reactions to the advert and/or product.

Personas are also used to define brands. The brand persona’s mantra is the brand statement. Using this method actually makes a lot of sense because people are all we know. We’ve met a few thousands and hopefully have gotten to know a couple of hundreds pretty well. Even though every person we meet is different, our brains (think fast) have identified patterns and made connections. It is easy for us to transpose these schemas to our brands and audiences. Even better, these schemas are similar for most people, so when you describe your target to a client, or a brand to your audience, they know exactly what you’re talking about.



I’ve always dreamt about writing a novel, but never really got around to doing it. I can’t say I wasn’t lazy, but the main problem was that I didn’t know where or how to start. The answer is actually quite simple, and it only occurred to me today. Personas.

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