Plums: A Conversation – By @sthomasgb

Sebastien Thomas

By Sebastien Thomas


Plums: A Conversation


Amongst this D&AD stress it’s good to have a bit of a break once and a while. This has to be enforced sometimes as you feel you need to be working full tilt the whole time.

So that’s what I did today. I had a break, and had a chat with Larry about plums. I recorded the conversation and the transcript is below.

Go ahead and waste five minutes of your life and read it, it’ll take your mind off things. Maybe.

Seb: My perception of plums, you sometimes get some and it’s really annoying when they’re hard and sour, instead of soft and juicy

Larry: Yea, is it nectarines that are quite similar to plums? Seb: No I don’t think so.
Larry: What’s the one with the big seed in the middle?

Seb: Nectarines are quite similar to… 

Larry: Oranges?
Seb: No, pears. Shit no not pears..
Larry: Kiwi fruit?
Seb: Umm peaches! Peaches and nectarines are the same.
Larry: OK and a plum has a vinyl type of skin..
Seb: Finish
Larry: Yes finish.
Seb: Yea and they’re smaller aren’t they, plums.
Larry: Quite nice.
Seb: Yea but you have some sometimes, I had one the other day and it had a worm in it. Larry: Really?
Seb: Yea literally, yea, pretty disgusting.

Larry: When you played Cluedo who did you play as? I always went as Professor Plum. 

Seb: Is it Professor Plum? I though Plum was a woman?
Larry: No they’re all alliteration aren’t they.
Seb: Ah because there’s Scarlett, erm Scarlett damsel? Ms. Scarlett? Larry: Maybe it isn’t an alliteration, there’s Colonel Mustard.
Seb: Colonel Mustard, that’s not an alliteration.
Larry: You’re not wrong.

Seb: Professor Plum, yea it could well be.
Larry: Is there a purple on the Monopoly board?
Seb: Yea Mayfair and Park Lane is purple isn’t it? Or is it more dark blue? Larry: Yea more dark blue I think.

Seb: Anyway plums. 

Larry: I haven’t eaten one for a while actually. They’re really nice when they’re ripe. Seb: That’s the thing, it’s so rare to have a ripe plum.

Larry: The fruit I think it’s difficult to get the balance of ripeness… 

Seb: Yea?

Larry: Hardest, that doesn’t make sense, does that make sense? Maybe edit that. 

Seb: What do you mean? 

Larry: The fruit in which it’s most difficult to get the ripeness just perfect.. Seb: Is a plum.
Larry: Is a kiwi fruit I think.
Seb: Oooh yea, it could be really sharp.

Larry: Do you eat them, how do you eat them? I eat them like boiled eggs. 

Seb: What tap the outside and then… 

Larry: No just cut off the top and then.. 

Seb: Oh really? No I halve them and then spoon. Larry: Yea. Some people eat the skin.

Seb: Yea that’s retarded. 

Larry: Apparently it’s good for you though.
Seb: The vitamins just under the skin. That’s why you eat it. Larry: Hmm that’s probably enough material.

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