Positivity is right around the corner. – By @CharlesHueWill1

By Charles Hue Williams


Positivity is right around the corner. 


Obviously current events are turning the world on its head. Times appear darker, with our shop shelves giving a clear indication of people’s mind set. On the counter however, I have been surprised at the level or resilience and ingenuity I’ve seen across my social feed. 

From the residents of an isolated tower block in Italy, playing a rendition of Frankie Valli’s I love you baby, in unison from the balconies. To Dutch, clapping along the canals of Amsterdam, in support of hospital staff’s tremendous efforts. There is still positivity to be found. 

My favourite thus far though is a project setup via some friends on instagram story. Two nurses that wanted to show the positivity taking place in hospitals right now, amid the chaos, to demonstrate its not all doom and gloom. They’ve decided to share the best parts of each day, and the first story definitely hit the spot. One nurse said how she had delivered a baby, but enjoyed most seeing the look on the mother’s face as she gazed upon them for the first time. A face of pure joy as she looked down at that newborn. So playful and innocent. 

In times like these it is important that you hold onto the positives. Really appreciate them for what they are. 

We had our first day of SCA online and it was interesting to say the least. From an isolating town hall format that was quickly abolished, to a great online work space that still blows my mind and a masterclass with a double edged sword, way more comfortable but uncomfortably so. But really it’s not that bad. Yes I’m at home and all alone, but really my mates are just one click away. I can still say hi, or get involved. You can go see mentors without having to move. If you don’t have Remo, check it out, it’s a really great way of bringing the studio to you. A friend sent me a link where I can get my book reviewed online, so if you see me out there, please get in touch. The mentors have been great and are still on hand to help with all our creative needs. The weirdest part is working in silence. For the first time I missed the hustle and bustle of the room. The distracting overtones. But my creativity didn’t, I’m able to concentrate on my work at least more so than at school. I miss hearing how everyone is progressing but I’m far less distracted as a result. I hope we have sessions in Remo, revolved around just catching up. But when I need to work, I really can switch off the outside world. Yes this is day one and there’s a long way to go but I’m excited to see how I develop. Will I finally read those books or learn that program? Does Netflix have enough docs to support me? Where did I put my Harmonica? Isolation might break me or it might just make me. Turn me into a 2.0 fitting of the 2.0 we’ll return to. But for now 3.0 will have to do, sure it’s not the real thing but it’s better than second best. 

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