Probably the best ad school in the world. By @ethanbennett94

Ethan Bennett

By Ethan Bennett


Probably the best ad school in the world.

 Probably the best ad school in the world

Think different. That’s not different enough, keep thinking.

Live exhausted.

Just do it. Then go do another thing! Keep doing the other thing, and find a new thing to do.

Good things come to those who don’t wait.

Does exactly what it says on the tin. So tear it up and make it do something else.

Have a break have a… just kidding.

Marc gives you wiiings.

Happiness is a cigar called GET TO WORK.

The ultimate scamping machine.

Think small. If you don’t want to win.

Connecting …dots.

Between love and madness lies SCA.

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she learnt it. Everything is a process.

Be evil. Don’t be a dick.

The best or nothing.

When it absolutely, positively has to be in before town hall.

I think, therefore SCA.

Impossible is nothing, with hard graft.

Be stupid.

Sell it. Sell it. Love it.

Probably the best school in the world.

For everything else, there’s Watford.

I’m lovin’ it.


This SCAB was first published in 2015.

Ethan went on to win a few awards, landed loads of great placements at top agencies, and quickly found a job at Droga5  – where he has won plenty more awards with his partner, Matt Buttler.  You can see some of their work, including recent live work, by visiting their online portfolio.

We are so very proud to have found Ethan through our friends at Ideas Foundation, and even more proud that Ethan has continued to serve as an ambassador to Ideas Foundation now that he is working in the industry.

We agree that SCA is probably the best ad school in the world, not just because we win awards, but because we attract students with outstanding character, such as Ethan.

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