Smashing the Invisible Wall – By @Aaron_Furman1

By Aaron Furman


Smashing the Invisible Wall


I’m going through a slump of sorts. I try to think of ideas and my mind feels like a desolate wasteland. I try to reach out for a morsel of my creative oasis but alas, it’s evaporating.

I don’t know why.

I was beyond ecstatic before starting this course. The summer assignments never felt imposed by Marc, I was proud to achieve them.

Before SCA, working was a chore. School, university and my previous job all felt like undermining activities that laughed in the face of personal freedom. I thought that’s how the 9-5 grind was supposed to be – a grind.

Then I found out about advertising. A place where you get paid to think of ideas. A place to grab the masses’ attention and shake them into action. Hit them in-between the eyes and ignite a beautiful reaction.

I’ve witnessed a singing penis, reverse robberies, dancing cars and a Dunlop tyre commercial that looks like an acid trip you would have in an 80s BDSM rave.

Through all the laughs is a more powerful tool to be used for a higher purpose. The power of effective mass communication can change the world. George Louis – an adman in New York – used his influence to help free Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a boxer wrongly convicted of murder! 

However, I feel stagnant and held back by an invisible barrier. I’m Austin Powers when he lost his mojo.

How can this be? Is my self-perception wrong? Have I judged myself incorrectly and overestimated my creative ability?

I’m still searching for the answers to my self-confidence conundrum. This escapade brought me to a friend that said it’s all about self-belief.

Somewhere along the line, I’ve lost faith in who I am and what I stand for. To succeed in this business we need to be opinionated. If we don’t stand for anything how do we expect anyone to stand with us?

I need to go back on a journey of self-discovery, learn to make up my mind and champion my thoughts, defending them till my last breath.

What do I love and what do I hate? Deciding my stance will hopefully restore my passion to my vessel and unlock my potential.

My ambitions are clear and my goals are set. I’ll drive towards my future with both hands on the wheel and my feet on the accelerator.

I feel inequitably con-fuddled,

that means confused and befuddled,

trapped and bound in some bundle,

lost for words in that endless cycle.

For a hole divides me,

belief still holds,

longing to escape,

the drudgery and monotonous.

Forge a future,

filled with conquered moments,

and true sadness,

these will define you.

Look back with a smile,

lay hand in hand,

and proclaim,

no regrets.   

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