Our John Lewis Ad – By Fat Penguin


By Fat Penguin – The SCA Intake of 2016/17



Today we remade the John Lewis advert in only 6 hours with a £600 upper limit budget. We also made some vids for My Voucher Code about Santa spending his pounds on ridiculous stuff. It’s been a big and beautiful 24 hours. Here’s an insight into the day we’ve had:

Ludo – Turns out I can make stairs, a fox, a badger and a dog under the gruelling pressure of world renowned film director Le Harry, who’d have known.

Sophie: Have you ever tried to make a miniature fox made of 90% glue and 10% pompom jump on a lollipop stick trampoline? Have you spent an hour trying to perfect a dog growl? I could go on. Today was a ton of firsts. All of which are going on my CV.

Kyle: Today I saw the power of teamwork and trust at its best. For something to be great, you have to let others take over, everybody has their own expertise and when you can harness that in a clear, concise and truthful way you’re naturally going to be onto a winner. But I think without all of us trusting each other’s own skills today would have been a very different day.

Flav: it was amazing to see everyone really work together towards the same goal. Today wasn’t about competition but togetherness and I think we smashed it.

Robyn: To my 3D tutor at university – you were wrong. I can make things with my hands that don’t collapse. To John Lewis – you don’t need to spend £6m to create something heartwarming. Feeling incredibly proud of our intake for pulling together, creating something wonderful, and having a great time under pressure. I’ve just added “can create fox/badger/dog/staircase/anything on demand” to my LinkedIn.

Lee: Me, Sophie and Mary were able to channel a whole farm in the space of a minute. Bravo us.

Sasha: Today was a nice break from the various other briefs we’re currently working on. It was great to have the opportunity to work on something as a big group and get creative, I loved having the freedom to come up with whatever we wanted for the My Voucher Codes video… That freedom turned into a pimped out Santa.

Daze: I LOVE making things. I’ve MISSED making things. And I’m not above being outrageously proud of my motley crew: a mini googly-eyed squirrel and some googly-eyed humans, a cardboard box bed, a pom-pom Christmas tree and a jazzy pipe-cleaner sofa. Also: I’m all about pulling the strings.

Alexandra: Puns are underappreciated. You can kill most of my babies but don’t take wordplay away from me… maybe we got carried away.

Augustine: We definitely got carried away. But I’m glad Lauren is about to resurrect our sh*t puns for all the world to see.

Lauren: The soundtrack that didn’t make the cut:

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, A-lan Partridge DVD.

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Three-piece suit.

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Four-raa-rii.

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Six-y nighties for my wife.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Ele-veneers for my teeth.

Rollo: What a day! What a joy and privilege it was. A tone deaf dog in pompom heaven 😉 An incredible achievement all round. And we really put the big JL to shame. #wasteofmoney

Kenny: Holy moly what a day! If there’s one thing I had to say I’ve learned today – of which there were many – it’d be that when you’re surrounded by the right people, you can often make magic truly happen. We did real good today fellow penguins. Be proud!

Mona: Another intense day in the SCA roller coaster. It was great to all work together and see that we can actually MAKE something in less that one day.

Malou: What a brilliant day to behave even more childish <3 Loved every minute.  

Anam: I don’t know where to begin! Today was a phenomenal day, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. It was amazing watching everybody tap into their strengths and really shining. Today was an example of teamwork executed perfectly. It was magic. Penguins, thank you for your energy, empathy and synergy.

Jesse: I never knew quite how strong my wrist was until I bobbed a dog puppet’s head up and down for five minutes straight.

Mary: I honestly never thought I’d learn to sing like a dog, but today, I did.

Bunmi: It was really good… especially the art form of the pom poms. Every individual prop were made in great detail. Phenomenal teamwork! P.s. the soundtrack was exceptional!

Krista: Spent the morning running around Brixton looking for Dom Perignon, poker chips and golden watches. Made me feel like P-Diddy’s personal assistant.  

Orla: No one can resist smiling at Santa when he’s wondering south ken.  

Mark:If you walk around London in a Santa outfit in November you get a lot of funny looks. But people also tend to let you do whatever you like, and they take all the selfies. I mean all of them!

Christine: Many people working together really need to wear the blue hat at the same time. However, I loved spending lots of money (that was not mine) on weird stuff. Heheheh

Tomo: If you’re going to dress up as Father Christmas, do it the right way. £200 costume rental, bushy beard and 20-kilo fat suit. Otherwise it’s an insult to Santa. And Ashley.

Beth: Seeing our Christmas creation come to life today was so much fun. Definitely in the festive mood now. But let me just say trying to recreate a song in the style of a dog is not as easy as it seems. Rollo you were fantastic.

Henry: Getting stuck in and making things really emphasises why we all want to get into this industry. We’re not here to be background noise, we’re here to create.

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