Your creative voice – By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19

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By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19


Your creative voice

The idea of ‘finding your voice’ is referenced a fair bit at SCA. We’re two thirds through the course and if feels like a lot of people have developed unique character in their work. Some have built on something that they always had, but I bet the course has revealed or conjured a whole heap of new voices we didn’t know we had.


Team Hush tries to describe what they think their voice is, or what they are aiming for at this stage.


Vic: Realistically? Shrill and squeaky.


Ruby: Went to work in a crocodile outfit. Got promoted.


Dean: I’m still finding my voice… If anyone needs any help finding the voice of giffgaff, don’t hesitate to ask.




Charles: Surprisingly good advertising from an illiterate millionaire.


Aleksandra: True and passionate


Jacob: dimension based


Lauren: Lyrics from a terrible 90s song like this one lol.


Holly: Quiet until spoken to


Lucy: An auto-tuned cat like this lil fella.


Karolina: obsessed


Zoe/Jemma: Sassy Passionate Empathetic Rule breaking Mischievous (SPERM)


Mary: Attaching meaning to the insane


Coco & Leli: Sassy Passionate Empathetic Rule breaking Mischievous Intelectual Cocky Irrational Desperate Elephant (SPERMICIDE)


Alex T: you would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies, lit up the world as I fell asleep. Fingered a bird to that one at 14.


Josie: Influenced by memes


Phil: hungry but for what


Joe R: an unwarranted wet finger in the earhole of your soul.


Antonio: a A2 english with italian accent and the lisp.


Andy: The sausage dog of time nestling in the torpedo roll of life.


Maddy: A bit dry. Bit disgusting. Severely unfunny. Less cynical and sad than in person.


Tarun : A constant attempt to overcompensate for something interspersed with brief echoes of my descent into madness


Marta: Dave Dye but with a Spanish accent


Forrest: My voice is my rifle. I will clean it every day. I will carry with me anywhere I go. I will take care of my voice and, in turn, it will take care of me.


Dan: Neither living nor dead, neither soft nor hard, neither warm nor cold, neither wet nor dry, my voice will echo through the ages


Patxi: Like an episode of family guy narrated by Keanu Reeves


Tom: a giggle at a funeral.


Rachel: eat the rich and gay


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