FREE WILL – By @LuBPontier

By Lucie Pontier





It’s been a month and a half now that I’m in London, and I’m more interested in discovering this wonderful city than worrying about what’s happening in Paris. Nevertheless, I kept the French news on my phone to know the big news.


Since 2 weeks I see daily articles about homosexuals being beaten in the streets, almost to death. And I decided to tell you about it because I am more than disgusted, shocked and saddened to know that in 2018, there are still people who allow themselves to intervene in someone’s life and to show his disagreement with violence.


Regardless of the difference between religions, no matter which of our cultures, only one thing is certain : we all believe in love in the same way. We all know, or we all know, that feeling that puts us in the belly.


Love gives us the strength to overcome everything. Love is our daily breath of fresh air. Love pushes us to go beyond our limits. Love is simply beautiful.


So tell me, by what right do some people want to prevent people from loving each other and being happy? As our dear John Lennon says, “I was asked what I wanted to do later. I answered “happy”. I was told that I did not understand the question, I replied that they did not understand life. “


How is it possible that after so much fight against homophobia, we are still there today? How is it possible that people can have so much hatred against people they do not even know? People who did not ask anyone. People who for years had to hide, had to suffer in their corner because we did not accept them. These people have already suffered enough like that, and some would like to continue to hurt them even more? No, that I do not accept it.


Love has never had a rule, so why want to introduce it? Or even, why claim that one must necessarily love someone of the opposite sex? Bullshit.


I have always had respect for the human race but I continue to cling to the fact that “man is a wolf for man”, as Plaut said. Now that I’m starting out on philosophy, I’d just like to make a little reminder of the notion, which for me is the most important: that of free will, because I think that some have forgotten it, or had just dried the philosophy course thinking that it was useless: Free will is the complete freedom to do or not to do, to choose or not to choose according to his will.


You tell me that suddenly, the big sluts who have fun beating homosexuals also have free will. And you just have. But my Jean-Paul Sartre would answer you intelligently that the freedom of one stops where the one of the other begins.


I hate violence but what I hate even more is the homophobes.

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