The original idea? – By @ChristianAasber

By Christian Aasberg


The original idea?

Everyone is talking about having a original idea, and yes that is by far the best.

But let’s admit it, it’s not on every brief, you can come up with something no one have ever seen before, most things have been made in one way or another.

So those drawer ideas you have, keep them. They might be of use later on.

And I’m not talking about just putting another logo on what you already did, because that is seen before and it is obvious when someone do it. But keep the overall concept and develop new stuff for the new brief.

There have been times where I took a concept and applied it to a new brief, there have been times where I took a concept from my book and applied it to a new brand, because the one I had already didn’t work.

One way I get get ideas is to draw inspiration from things outside of the advertising world, especially music is a great inspiration for me. The lyrics has so many insights, and beautiful lines. The story telling in a song can be so powerful and songwriters have a great way of playing in peoples emotions. So sometimes I take a concept or line from a song and work from that to create a campaign, and some people will say that it is a original idea. But is it really?

My point is that at this point you probably won’t have a original idea, because just about everything has been done, it has been seen in either design, art, music or advertising. Everything has probably been done in some way or the other.

But don’t let that take away your spirit. You can still do something amazing, even if it has been done before in another world. So take that line from a song, and make it into a campaign that is like nothing else. Because if you add your own voice to it, it will still be original.

It has taken a while to get here, but what this whole thing has been about is that when you pour yourself into a brief, it can only be original. No one has the same personality as you, so if you add that, it is original.

So every time you do something, add a splash of yourself, add what makes you, well you.

That is something I learned at SCA, to add some of myself into what I do. I found out what kind of advertising I want to do, and being told off for not putting myself into my work, like I was on the last book inspection at school. Have helped me work even harder, and only do what I want to do, because when you make campaign you are passionated about, you automatically add some of yourself to it.


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