Read a great description of our students by Sam

Sam wrote a great piece for me describing our eclectic bunch of students. Can you guess who is who?


Maverick Madmen.

We wear all in one jumpsuits and herringbone jackets,

We ride motorbikes to school and watch crappy TV.

We are political activists, kick boxers and listeners,

We save lives at the weekend and deliver Yo Sushi.

We start cults, knit jumpers and play the guitar,

We wear flip-flops in winter with a cup of green tea.

We are innovative frapers and avid blog makers,

Tomorrow’s big thinkers are what we’re going to be.

We stand-alone by thinking together,

Do yoga in hot pants made of leather.

It’s so intense that we can’t sit on the fence,

Constantly kept in a high state of suspense.

We moan. We bitch. We gripe.

We praise. We act. We fight.

We all run at different paces, having come from different places,

Competing to be the winning team.

We are leftfield thinkers, who aren’t always right,

We are here to be heard, to be seen.

The briefs are all live, so just to survive,

We have to work on through the night.

We do sometimes play, but in order to stay,

We have to hit deadlines that are pretty damn tight.

We have a network of 400 mentors,

We hang out with them in school every day,

From creative directors to business investors,

We work with them, we listen, we play.

If our boxes are ticked then agencies pick,

Who they want for a 6-month spell,

We think in the real world whilst living the dream,

Will we last? Only time will tell.

We take the rough with the smooth so we can improve,

We are switched on from dawn until dusk.

We are inspired to do the very best that we can,

Either we win, or it’s bust.

We sell or we die.

We are the students of SCA2.

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