Recovering from blindness – By @DJayDancer1

By Daniel Johnson


Recovering from blindness


The last half term. My days at sca are numbered.

As that fact dawns on me I find myself telling people more and more. The typical response has been to ask me how I feel about it.

And I always respond that I feel capable but not prepared. 

And too be honest I don’t really know what to make of that fact. Other than plowing forward and doing what I can right now.

Alex often talks about having a north star but I’m prone to over thinking. Cojouring up 10 potential north stars.

And I think that’s too much light for anyone to look at. 

Maybe it’s more pragmatic to pretend that there’s nothing to look up at at all. 

At for a personality like mine.

Make work that works for you 

Think by doing

Take it one day at a time and all the rest of it.

Nothing new and yet I listen to the voice that loves indecision and uncertainty. Or perhaps I’m exeedingly poor at thinking long term. 

Maybe that’s just the plight of a creative mind, too able to join dots and envision possible futures.

Letting me be wrapped up in the unease of trying to choose the best possible course of action.

Untill Marc puts a new spin on it…

Show up and make great work now. 

For some reason this calms the mind and sets me focused again.

So what’s the plan? 

I suppose this is where I should either propose some grandiose statements or throw out a specific course of action.

But honestly I just can’t bring myself to write that. Not now, not here..

All that comes to mind is…

Show up and make great work

Make work that works for you 

Think by doing 

The usual, but then again how about…

Thinking by making work that works great.

Or that great work is in the doing, showing up and thinking. 

Day by day, hitting refresh. Keeping the head down and being great right now.

Dont look up too intensely. 

Else you might imagine one too many north stars and be blinded by their greatness.

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