Red Sky – By @kylejforeman

Kyle Foreman

By Kyle Foreman


Red Sky


Red sky at night Shepard’s delight.

Red sky in the morning, probably a bad proposition.


I’m usually in the studio from 8:15. Doing work and having breakfast. I enjoy the calm before the storm. 


It’s amazing how spaces can change. From a silent tatty nightclub hall to an inspiring hub for creatives. All desperately trying to produce work that makes us shiver less with embarrassment.


There is a saying I once heard. Not sure where from. Probably a bad romantic comedy. But I think it really applies to the process we are going through at the moment, so here it is broken down into its four sections.


  1. ‘You don’t know that you don’t know.’


– Basically, when we all started we had naivety as our main weapon. Every member of Fat Penguin is talented and have skills many don’t, but when it comes to how many creative techniques we have learnt in the last 5 or so months. We knew nothing.


  1. ‘You know that you don’t know.’ – The realisation period. Probably the stage we are at now and will be in for the next few months. When we start to fray at the edges and slowly realise what ‘great’ work is. But still, fall at the last hurdle.


  1. ‘You know that you know.’ When you hit the sweet spot. At this point, it’s probably wise to keep an eye on egos. We become confident. Pushing ourselves and our ideas, but maybe relationships become more heated and tensions rise, as we all strive to win awards. Get placements etc.


‘You don’t know that you know.’  The moment when everything has sunk in. A quite confidence is left. A maturity. This stage should last forever. But as we constantly learn we will dip in and out of the others. But our base knowledge is there. Our backbone. Concrete below our ever-changing creative path.

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