Squirrel part two electric boogaloo

If you didn’t catch my first blog about squirreling you missed out. Fear not though, here’s my second installment of random shite I’ve seen in the streets.

Wet tissue paper bunched up on a pavement looks quite like I’d imagine land jellyfish to look. Minus the tentacles.

See photo for caption.

Tiny plastic armies are taking over London. One by one they’re emerging from the ground and have been seen reaching for peoples shoelaces. They tend to emerge from soft surfaces such as soil. Be careful out there. Tie your laces.

Life of the party. 

Despite a new motorway stickering campaign, congregation numbers continue to fall. 


Top step recently lost his job. It came out that he had been moonlighting as a Cookie Monster impersonator. 

Nice way to launch a modelling career. 

Beach tapas. Delicious. 

The shadow looks a bit like a giant butterfly. Sort of. If you squint. 

The police were called to break up a dispute between two bins. 

What have you seen?

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