Reflecting on Alexandra Taylor Masterclass





By Frazer Price

Reflecting on Alexandra Taylor Masterclass


This is going to be a fairly emotional SCAB.


Read on to hear the badly organised inner babblings of a mad man.


I’m writing it in the hope that my brain will take some of this information on board.


Here goes.


The Alexandra Taylor masterclass last week was nothing short of incredible.


She reminded me of why I wanted to be an art director.


I have good taste.


I know exactly the type of work I want to make and I haven’t made it yet.


I’m not sleeping that well and perhaps that comes from never being happy with the work that I’ve produced so far.


Which I guess is equally a good and bad thing.


Alex said that being an art director is like an incurable disease.


Never be satisfied.


The day your satisfied is the day it all stops being exciting.


To quote one of the many important men in my life, Charlie Parker Bonnett -“be the best you you can be” he says as I’m slumped over my desk in the backroom with my head in my hands.


And in between the live briefs, early mornings, late evenings, working weekends, learnings and failures I’ve forgotten the work I came here to make.


I’m not being the best me.


The fact that it’s getting nearer to the end of the course is becoming more and more prominent.


And if you can hear me brain, it’s just under 2 weeks until the deadline for D&AD.


I need to stop selling out, cutting short work that could be pushed further and most importantly remind myself….what would Gerry do?


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