Reflecting on MOSH so far, by @SJYeates







By Stephen Yeates



We’re approaching a stressful time at school. Awards briefs have landed and teams are beginning to form. And the pressure, both within the room and to outperform other schools, is going to mount.

It’s strange really, as soon as you get in the swing of SCA, you begin to see the finish line.

But before shit gets too real, I wanted to share a few of my highlights of the year so far. This is very much an in-jokey blog post, but I can only urge future intakes to cherish the time they have in school – surrounded by brilliant people they admire – by taking every opportunity possible to reflect and learn from that abundance of talent. It’s gonna fly by.

So, approaching the half way point in the course, my awards go to…

– Mikey – for the worlds first immersive 16-bit jumper.

– Geoff and Clive – for helping me realise that, when my career inevitably hits the skids, I’ll make a top notch VO artist.

– Mojo – for breaking the system with good rhythm and total swag.

– JT – for his nekkid Paolo Nutini sex chest.

– Frazer – for a consistent mane of multi-dynamic bed head. Keep on snoozin’.

– Pugh – for using all of my instant coffee. All of it. Get a jar in. NOW.

– Teddy – for making art accessible. FINALLY.

– Marco – for making the world feel both dangerous and infinitely brighter with advertising’s most mesmerising laugh.

– Ash – for making Greggs cooler than it already is. Who would’ve thought that possible a few short months ago?

I could’ve gone on and on and on really, but I’ll save my final round for later in the year. Like I said, it’s a whirlwind course, and the power of reflection is probably one of the most important states I’ve been encouraged to embrace. It certainly feels as though it’s helping me squeeze every last drop of value I can from the experience.

I’d like to congratulate the award winners so far.


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