Reflections 36,5 hours before PB1 deadline – By @coupSCA


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16


In this writing moment, COUP are 36,5 hours away from the deadline of our first portfolio brief. So in this moment of blood sweat and tears we thought we’d share what’s on our mind, and what we’ve learnt during the last two weeks of this portfolio brief.

Adriano – Chihuahua syndrome is a good answer Alex – Size matters
Alicia – Don’t let strategy kill the fun
Angus – Smoke more MA’

Beatrice – Make sure that communication is your priority in every thing you do.
Becci – Craft…so…much…craft
Ben G – Good is the enemy of great but often that means you don’t sleep very much and end up quite frustrated
Ben T – Think less do more
Blaz – Think!
Chloe – It takes a fool to remain sane
Dennis – Drink less do more
Drew – Though sometimes frustrating it’s worth spending time on the strategy
Ethan – Calleth you, cometh I
Frederica – Never trust cracked Adobe
Katy – Success yourself silly
Larry – Keep it simple
Laura – Don’t stress, it’s not helpful
Matt B – The story is the core of the idea
Matt K – What’s PB1?
Nadia – Sunshine strolls are part of the process
Nick K – Keep it simple stupid (KISS)
Nick L – One of us is gonna die young
Nihal – Clamour for glamour
Nunu – Sleep
Orla – When your behind your inner child is not always helpful
Owen – Smmmmmmmmmpppppppppp
Ranj – Before they put us in a coffin I’ve got things to say
Rhiannon – Whatever happened to the funky race, a generation lost in space
Sam – Let your body decide where you want to go, high and low, fast or slow
Seb – If in doubt, play ping pong
Suki – I have no clue what I’m doing and I think I’m slightly going out of my mind at the same time. It’s a hoot tho.
Tomasz – Get it done now, relax later
Tristan – It’s the SCA Christmas party, hip hip hooray
Zac – In lust, we trust

Wish us good luck!

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