Regretting is tougher than losing, by @AshJBibby


By Ashley Bibby


Regretting is tougher than losing

Last week were the New Blood awards where I could have won a yellow Pencil.

I didn’t.

Strangely enough I wasn’t disappointed.

I knew our entry wasn’t worthy of a yellow pencil.

So not winning didn’t phase me.

Knowing that what we submitted wasn’t up to my standard did.

It not being as good as what we could have done or what we should have done, hurt a lot.

What hurt even more is that the winner had the same idea as us.

Where we tried to make ours big they kept theirs targeted.

They also told an amazing story through a wonderfully well crafted video.

Everything they did better than us we already knew.

We were just complacent.

We settled for work we weren’t happy with.

But in a strange way I am happy.

After the disappointment of last week I know I won’t let this happen again.

It has pushed me to work even harder.

To make sure every piece of work I produce is something I can love.

And to make sure I never have to feel like that again.

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