Seraphim Extract: Whatever happens the plan comes first

(Another extract hope you enjoy it…hopefully. We’ll be testing my dialogue and action writing moving forward) 

They were surrounded. Every degree of a compass was marked, and they were right in the centre of it all. It seemed as if every single glare marked them as the X on a treasure map. The glares had ambitions of winning them as their prize. Daedra let out a small chuckle whilst bowing his head in disbelief. He looked at Sicily. She yawned, but the yawn carried the same disbelief as Daedras. They both raised their glasses of whisky. Toasted and downed their drinks. They both stood up at the same time. The circle surrounding them tightened their postures and tightened the grips on their weapons but held themselves from attack.

Sicily grabbed the bottle of whisky and filled hers and Daedras glasses to the point they overflowed, spilling onto the table. Chuckles and glints of laughter bellowed from the circle. Sicily, instead of drinking from the glass, drank from the bottle. Then passed it to Daedra, who finished it off. The circle was confused. More cheers came. “They’re fucking pissed!!”, one of the demons shouted. Laughter filled the room. This emboldened the geers. Sicily, acting drunkenly, picked up the overflowing glasses of whisky and threw them into the circle, making sure to pour as much of it into the crowd. Frustrations and annoyance came. “You fucking bitch, now you’ve done it”, Brin shouted. He broke the circle charging forward. Daedra turned himself to look to the south of the circle whilst Sicily was steadfast to the north.  

“Reign fire”, he uttered. Daedra flared his wings. Sicily seemed to reach into his back and pulled his scythe out. She turned the blade and cut the earth, which ignited the trails of whisky, igniting paths into the piranhas. Daedra, with the whisky bottle, clasped his hands, breaking the bottle into shards. “Bring, night”, Sicily uttered, as she went down to one knee. Daedra opened his hands, exposing the chips, and with large swathes of his wings, the bits flew into the eyes of the crowd as he spun like the needle of a compass. Screams of anguish filled the bar. Sicily stood up

“So?” she said, staring at Daedra.

“So what?” he replied.

“So what now?” she said with a confused face.

“Aren’t we following your plan?”. Daedra looked at her, puzzled.

“Seriously?” Sicily exclaimed, annoyed with Daedra. A demon broke from the flames and began running towards them. Sicily, without looking, swung the scythe decapitating it. Spurts of blood splattered on Daedras wings. “Are you serious right now? There’s blood on my wings, right?”. Daedra angrily shouted at Sicily, whilst trying to clean his wings.

Sicily composed herself. “Fuck your wings. I thought we were following your plan?”.

“You won the rock paper scissors, remember? So, we’re following your plan”. Deadra spoke, annoyed and still trying to clean his wings. Sicily stood and tilted her head, trying to recollect. A eureka moment seemed to happen in her mind. She raised her middle finger to Deadra, and he reciprocated in return. “To be honest, both our plans are about us”.

To be honest, both our plans are about us finding the professor. We just had different methods, which are the same because we’ve both got fire and brimstone on our minds”. They both laughed. In the middle of the chaos. They did their signature handshake and together uttered, “Whatever happens, the plan comes first”.


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