Hometown Heroes – By @martamorientes

By Marta Martin Morientes


Hometown Heroes

I’ve come back to my hometown in Spain for a couple of days (definitely not as a hero, something more like a survivor) that’s why I’ve decided this is the perfect time to encourage all of those who are thinking to apply to the SCA Scholarship Competition and become…




Forrest and I have launched the challenge ‘Can you get your whole town talking about you?’, but also my good friends and colleagues Charles and Josie are running the other SCA Competition ‘Teach Them A Lesson’ ( You should apply both of them. 


One year ago I had no idea about what SCA was. Marc decided to give me a full scholarship last July. Was he drank at that moment? Was he sick? Was he high? Who knows. But definitely getting a scholarship at SCA has been and it will always be one of the most important and decisive moments of my life. I feel the luckiest person in the world every day. What I want to say with this is that all you can do is worth it to get into this awesome school. Go for it. Mentalize your mind you are going to win, fight for it and win it.


As I didn’t know anything about the school last year, neither I knew about a scholarship competition so maybe I am not the best person to give advice on how to win the Scholarship Competition but Sophie wrote a very good SCAB about her winning entry last year which it may be very helpful and check it out. Anyway, if I had to participate this is how I would approach the challenge:


1. Pick your target. Decide who is going to talk about you. Your mum on Facebook? Your local newspaper? Are you going to appear on national TV? The president of your country? Or are the United Nations going to invite you to talk about it?


2. Use your creative skill set. Make something you are passionate about. Have fun doing it. 


3. Ask for help. It’s one of my biggest learnings form SCA, asking for help is healthy, your life will be easier, happier and it’ll make you go further.


4. Have GUTS. Sagmeister says having guts always works. Here is the fine line between nothing and everything. Between the average and brilliance. Between the ordinary and the heroes. 


As we are also judging the entries, I’ll give my advice if you want my approval as jury:


Don’t make something overdramatic. Don’t be arrogant. Be humble. Show your energy. Check the sound is good, I can’t stand and can’t understand poorly sound on videos. Use a good tune, I should shazam every song of each video. Think well how you are going to tell the story. Show the impact it had in the world. Don’t be boring, please. Be exciting. But above all, APPLY!!!!! 


And good luck.  

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