Rolly’s Ultimate Dumplings – By @nclrolly

Rolly’s Ultimate Dumplings

Making food can be therapeutic and enjoyable, so something fun for you and your flatmates this weekend (or whenever you run out of shows and movies to watch together). Your cooking skills don’t matter much here, plus, even your clumsy friend can contribute without being too annoying. Fun guaranteed. Enjoy!

This makes around 25 dumplings.


3 Black Fungus

100g Chinese Chives (use spring onion as a substitute)

250g minced pork (15% fat)


1.5 Tbsp light soy sauce

1 Tbsp dark soy sauce

1 Tsp white pepper

1 Tsp sugar

0.5 Tsp cornflour

A dash of sesame oil


Wraps (I normally buy them from Asian supermarkets but it’s not difficult to make it, please Youtube it yourself for the instructions)


A small bowl of water


1) Wash your hands (please).

2) Rinse chives and put aside to dry.

3) Chop chives, black fungus into small pieces (approx 0.5cm squares). Mix them with minced pork and ingredients for marinating. Leave them in your fridge for 1 hour.

4) Spread flour over a big plate. Hold a warp with one hand, put a teaspoon of filling into the centre of the wrap. Dip the fingers of the other hand into the water, draw half a circle around the edge of the wrapping to help seal it up later. Wrap! (There are so many ways, please youtube).

5.1) Boil dumplings in broth for 3-4 minutes. OR

5.2) Steam the dumplings and serve with soy sauce, chilli sauce and/or vinegar. OR

5.3) Pan fry them for I don’t know how long.

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